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HeroCore: the sexy version of Arduino Mega

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HeroCore: the sexy version of Arduino Mega

August 13
03:51 2019
HeroCore takes the functionality of an Arduino Mega, but it’s a better version. It’s smaller, more accessible, easy to work with, and much SEXIER. As a result, you can take HeroCore and apply it to projects where you can replace a plain ordinary Arduino Mega.

Forget the chunky routine of Arduino Mega. A dynamic Italian tech company, Hero Mechatronics, has recently launched an innovative MCU which is a cooler, smarter, and more effective version of the huge unsightly Mega. Titled “HeroCore”, the nifty MCU assures the same absolute superpower of Mega but in a more intelligent form factor and with better rewards.

The campaign is geared to raise around $16,714 by August 22, 2019.

HeroCore is designed with the same amount of digital I/O pins as that of Arduino Mega and carries the same sixteen analog inputs. There are 16 LEDs in multiple colors which allow for immediate output feedback. The MCU board houses the user button that can cater to instant interfacing requirements. Moreover, you will find 8 toggle switches at the bottom to help you with varied board functionalities. The device can be powered with a USB cable or from its base PC.

This sexy MCU sports an intelligent pins arrangement for common accessories and also helps users make use of 8bit PORTS. 

All of this in just 38x38mm square PCB. For comparison, a business card is 55x80mm.

HeroCore is compatible with Arduino IDE as well as all sensors & breakout boards of Mega and UNO. The smart tiny MCU has the same bootloader of Mega, and it is compatible with all tutorials and sketches of Mega and UNO.

Users can also program HeroCore through Android phones with an IDE similar to that of Arduino IDE. The App even carries serial monitor capabilities.

The MCU also works with an app called “Virtuino” which enables users to send commands to the MCU through the internet or local WiFi network or Bluetooth. The WiFi module is the internet-beloved ESP-01, which has a direct plugin, and 3.3v converter integrated on HeroCores Serial3.

“Our innovative HeroCore is as robust and powerful as Mega but in a different and smarter form factor. We have been Arduino users ourselves and have never liked its chunky structure. We don’t want other makers too to invest in a board which is obnoxiously big, unsightly and carries no added features like the direct plugin of OLED, WiFi, Serovs and relays. This is why we created ‘HeroCore’. Our next-gen MCU will change your mindset as you work with it, and enable you to visualize beautiful things, rather than messy prototypes,” stated Flavio DaBrescia, founder of Hero Mechatronics and the man behind HeroCore.

A basic package of HeroCore comprises of the Core, USB cable, headers, straight & at right angle, male & female as well as single & double row. 

Unlike Arduino, which constantly comes up with controllers that require new learning curve every time, HeroCore promises easy compatibility continuation with every new version. It will also offer a growing number of accessories over time. Arduino, as we all know, offers virtually no accessories, and leaves us the job of searching all over the internet. 

“HeroCore is all set to dawn in a major paradigm shift in the world of MCUs. It promises absolute user convenience and relieves them from the chunky architecture of Arduino Mega with its smaller and smarter alternative. However, now we are looking for mass production and that demands strong financial backup and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring our innovative project to life and that will help you to develop beautiful projects that have a greater chance to also go to mass production!”

HeroCore will be available in different colors, headers arrangement, and silkscreen. It will also carry a customizable logo for those who will purchase in large quantities.

Backers will be rewarded with cool discounts on HeroCore, USB cable, and smart HeroCore t-shirts.

To show your support for the campaign, please visit

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Company Name: Hero Mechatronics
City: Travagliato
Country: Italy