Sydney Bunion Clinic Announces Low-Cost Assessment for New Patients

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Sydney Bunion Clinic Announces Low-Cost Assessment for New Patients

October 02
10:24 2019

Sydney, Australia – Oct 02, 2019 – Daniel Fitzpatrick, owner of Alternative Foot Solutions Sydney Bunion Clinic, announced that the practice is offering a new patient bunion assessment for just $25. The clinic specialises in painless, non-invasive treatment of bunions without surgery.

“Sydney Bunion Clinic (Alternative Foot Solutions) has successfully treated thousands of bunions conservatively for over 16 years, providing treatment and care for communities throughout Sydney from our two clinic locations in Sydney CBD and Manly Vale,” said Fitzpatrick. “We do this through a gentle hands-on technique that corrects the alignment of the joints of your feet and then strengthens the muscles to support those changes. This corrects the underlying cause without having to resort to surgery or orthotics and is painless yet effective.”

Bunions Sydney occurs when the joint at the base of the big toe shifts toward the middle of the foot. It can also involve a bony growth. They’re painful and the skin may appear red. A bunion may develop for a number of reasons including arthritis, stress on the foot, or a structural defect in the foot or joint. Smaller bunions may also affect the little toe.

Wearing tight or narrow shoes may contribute to the pain or make the condition worse and result in decreased range of movement of the foot or toe. In some instances, a bunion develops following an injury to the foot. Bunions make it difficult to find shoes that fit and can lead to complications that include inflammation in other areas of the foot.

Bunions are more common in women and vary in severity. Bunion treatment Sydney involves hands-on foot mobilisation to straighten, realign and strengthen the toe, joint and surrounding muscle structure. Additional home care may involve specific exercises that can be completed quickly and easily.

The clinic specialises in alternatives to bunion surgery Sydney. Surgery is never recommended unless the bunion absolutely can’t be remedied through foot mobilisation and physical therapy.

The new patient bunion assessment offered by Sydney Bunion Clinic offers a cost effective way for individuals to discover and treat the underlying cause of their bunion, providing long-lasting relief.

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