Young Entrepreneur Lexi P Makes an Impact on the Business World

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Young Entrepreneur Lexi P Makes an Impact on the Business World

July 07
23:23 2020
Young Entrepreneur Lexi P Makes an Impact on the Business World
A Curlanista Takes on the World and Wins.

In the land of business, we often think of older CEOs that are well-worn and have ‘put their time in’ as expected. But what happens when you enter into business with purpose, to make a difference, and you’re still a teen?

Lexi P has taken the hair care world by storm with her Curlanista products that not only do what they say they’ll do, but touch people’s lives and hearts. Lexi was driven to make a difference. As an honor student and Girl Scout, there was still room in her life for more.

In sharing her story of being bullied over her natural hair, she wrote a book with lessons she’d learned, hoping other girls would hear her message of self-love and acceptance. She spoke of the pain and frustration, and how she’d let other people’s words into her world. It was only with learning to love and accept herself that she found the strength to let go of that pain. She wants to help build up young girls and their confidence, and through her book she’s reached out to those ready to hear her message.

During that time, in a quest to straighten her hair, thinking it would make a difference she ended up damaging it instead. Once she learned to accept that nature knew best, and that her hair was perfect as it was, she found true confidence.

Lexi experimented with different ingredients to see what each did within her hair. What helped and hindered her natural hair? With her mother by her side, they created Curlanista, a product line that helps girls with natural hair deal with things like detangling easier, moisturizing, and combating frizz.

Curlanista made such a big impression that Sally Beauty Supply’s consumer side brought on her product and promoted it within their stores. This was a huge boost for distribution and getting her message out to other young girls.

She’s continued her quest to help others and wrote a second book about skin. She’s currently in the process of writing her third book. This inspiring teen is on a mission to make a difference. She’s proud of her product line, but more than anything loves that young girls are not only hearing her message but gaining self-confidence.

This talented, young woman has big goals in front of her, and in the short time she’s been at it, she’s made an impact on those around her — so be certain she’ll achieve those dreams. She’s excited about the future and has dreams of making Curlanista a household name. She says the continual support from her family along with being told she could achieve anything, helped bolster her confidence and build a business.

Her biggest challenge at the age of thirteen is balancing the workload of school, a social life, mentoring young girls in the community, Girl Scouts and a business. Through determination and following a scheduled calendar, she gets it all done.

As for Curlanista, you’ll find her three popular hair care products at Sally Beauty Supply and online at She has visions of expanding her hair care line, and is considering a series of children’s books focused on life lessons. As for her future, education is an important factor. Her focus is in keeping education front and center, but as she’s shown us, she already has the fragile balancing routine to handle it all, so expect to see more great things from Lexi and her fun line of Curlanista hair care products.

Curlanistas represents all of Lexi’s products along with a community for young girls. Curlanista (without the S) is a hair product company that focuses on natural hair for girls of all ages and backgrounds. You’ll find more information on Lexi, her products, and books at

For more information, contact: [email protected] or visit

You can also find Curlanistas on Instagram at

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