Julian With A Star gives back his communities youth with his childhood friends

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Julian With A Star gives back his communities youth with his childhood friends

July 08
23:41 2020

We’ve seen what philanthropy means to certain individuals, only donating where and when they can. But for Julian Noel AKA JulianWithAStar, https://instagram.com/julian_with_a_star charity is a part of his lifestyle and brand.

He’s a singer and songwriter to others, but to those who’s nearest to him he is Julian Nigel Noel. Born on December 10, 1985 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His love for the people of Fort Wayne and entertainment is nothing new, after all that is his hometown. He formed a boy group named the NOLIA Boys (SHELLZ, D.HOGUE AKA REMY, BIG HURT, RONNY and B.KING) in his adolescent years. In its earlier years, the group tasked themselves with organizing promotional gatherings, but they began to grow apart as time passed because of personal responsibilities. Although they had grown apart, earlier this year Julian organized the NOLIA Boys in a collaborative effort to Host a Charity Event under the theme of “Youth Empowerment And Love”.

On the 20th of June, Julian WithAStar and The NOLIA Boys (SHELLZ, D.HOGUE AKA REMY, BIG HURT, RONNY and B.KING) hosted the Event for their Community At Tillman Park. This was done entirely under the theme of Julian’s music and brand. The participants were encouraged to wear his merchandise and partake in his dance challenge, “The Fat Man”. All participants were given cash prizes.

It was a typical Summer Event, filled with barbeque and happy families. Kids played in nearby bounce houses and game courses. As a DJ entertained the crowd, which grew larger by the minute, catered treats and dishes were distributed. It was estimated that the event garnered roughly two hundred participants.

Volleyball, kickball, several five hundred-dollar raffles were being drawn along with other activities throughout the day. The park was littered with children. Some in classes from pre-school through high school. They also had the opportunity to be photographed in their graduation gown and cap. 

There was nothing but happiness on the faces of the children and families in the Fort Wayne park. Some even streamed the event live via social media, encouraging others to come and join the party.

The event even had fun cash events that ensured every child won, even those that didn’t participate. The prizes ranged from TVs to a twenty dollars cash prize. One lucky family even won a Bluetooth Speaker! It was noted that over $10,00 in cash and prizes were won.

Kindness is second nature to Julian and The NOLIA Boys, and sometimes even more important than their crafts. He intends to build his brand and music around his hometown with the goal of improving it and its youths. His ideology is built by compassion and embracing individuality.

Julian has been a philanthropist of his town for more than a decade. First, starting with small contributions, but soon enough, his efforts became more lavish. The youth of the community are the main focus of his endeavors.

Like many of us, he recalls his adolescent years, because of this, he had experienced some unpleasant events that could have been avoided. He believes in developing the society for the sake of the youths’ future. He plans to reshape his hometown by becoming an inspiration to its children.

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