Clean Air Increases Livelihood and Health

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Clean Air Increases Livelihood and Health

July 09
22:00 2020
Clean Air Increases Livelihood and Health

Keating Kuhn (L) and David Kuhn (R), founders of Gold Eagle Services
Gold Eagle Services founders explain the benefits of indoor air quality for Austin and beyond

By Jim Kedge

AUSTIN, TX For anyone who has lived in Austin long, you know that our city has its struggles regarding air quality and the ability to enjoy the outdoors. These are predictable factors such as exhaust and pollution, as well as pollen and allergens that occur in most seasons. There are also entirely unexpected events like the recent dust from the Sahara Desert that blanketed our city for days.

David and Keating Kuhn, father and son team of Gold Eagle Services, know the difficulties some have to balance comfort and health. It can be hard for people with health concerns and allergies,Keating Kuhn explains. These things can keep people inside. Those impurities dont always stay outside, though — in fact, indoor air is more polluted on average than outdoor air.” Studies done by the Environmental Protection Agency found that air inside homes and structures can be 2 to 10 times worse than outside.

Homes and condos dont keep all of the air pollutants out,says David Kuhn. And once they get in, many settle into the nooks and crannies around us.Many homes are not entirely sealed to the elements and, as the Kuhns explain, require other measures to ensure excellent air quality.

Airflow systems should get checked about twice a year,says Keating. Cleaning out your system and making sure its running smoothly will help cut costs and keep the purification process rolling.

With the heat increasing as summer hits, people will want to ensure their houses cool down overnight,says Keating. Opening up windows can let more pollen into our homes.Both David and Keating show great empathy for their customers and understand the problematic place that lousy conditions and poor air can put people in. And with the presence of Covid-19, an illness that affects the lungs, keeping our indoor air clean is an essential step for overall health.

Making sure your air conditioner is running well is one thing,says David, but there are other steps people can take to keep their air clean.Keating points out several systems that people can purchase to help get rid of the pollutants in their air. There are particles that get through the filters in-home systems,he says. With the increase of UV technology and other chemical neutralizers, there are options people have now to deal with irritants in the air. 

“We don’t want any of our customers to suffer,” Keating says. “We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable in our field and using some of the best technology. But we are the proudest of the care we show our customers and how friendly our workers are to everyone.” Excellence with people is at the heart of this locally owned and operated Austin TX company, and why their customers speak so highly of Gold Eagle Services.

If you show you care, people are more likely to trust you with their homesand their health,Keating points out. We are privileged to have so many people feel assured that their concerns get addressed when they are in our hands.

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