Zenical, a Japanese Brand is Announcing the Launch Of Its Product, the Zen pen on Kickstarter

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Zenical, a Japanese Brand is Announcing the Launch Of Its Product, the Zen pen on Kickstarter

July 10
01:12 2020
Zenical, a Japanese Brand is Announcing the Launch Of Its Product, the Zen pen on Kickstarter

July 10, 2020 – Startup Japanese brand, Zenical, is announcing the launch of its first product, the Karesansui-inspired Zen pen on Kickstarter.

The Karesansui, also known as Zen garden, is a type of Japanese garden created in Zen temples.


It depicts all the vibrancy of nature with its constituent natural deposit of rocks, gravel, and pebbles. It’s a perfect spot of meditation for Zen Monks.

The brand comprises a multicultural four-person team, including Japanese and Italian members, who reside in Tokyo and Kyoto. The team is developing the brand with the support of the descendants of the Tokugawa Shogun and Zen monks so that Japanese culture and Zen will be deeply reflected in their products.

Zenical was created as a brand that brings the Zen philosophy of ancient Japan to life, to help people lead beautiful lives. The Zen philosophy teaches stillness with movement. It engulfs a chaotic inner struggle. It has the power to surround everyone and their thoughts. It has a tension that does not allow for any compromise. It carries the spirit of encouraging people by affirming their existence. Its force derives from the fact that its essence exists purely in practice, not words.

Hence, Zenical decided to bring this philosophy to life, not through words, but the appearance and textures of its products.

According to the team’s philosophical designer, Ryunosuke Fujinomaki: “We made this pen to be your steadfast partner when you are tackling an important issue at work, thinking about new ideas self-reflecting and thinking about your future. It is a personal and creative time to ask yourself questions and keep on confronting your inner self.”

The pen comes in two variants: the Zen pen black and the Zen pen silver. The silver pen expresses the natural scenery illuminated by moonlight, and the black pen depicts the opposite scenery, which is the shadow. The silver pen is made by milling aluminum, and the black pen is made using 3D printing.

According to the team’s product designer, Jacopo Drago: “We have made Zen into an intricate design, and this has been possible thanks to the latest 3D printing and milling technology. As a result of our commitment even down to how it would feel in the users’ hands, some of the parts are made by hand by Japanese craftsmen”.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/zbEfsK4nKrQ

With the Craft, beauty, and historical representation the Zenical brand depicts, there’s no doubt that the company’s products will be a big success in Asia and the rest of the world. With 32 days to go on Kickstarter, you can reach out and be a part of this enterprise’s birth that is set to take the world by storm.

Media Contact
Company Name: Zenical
Contact Person: Ryunosuke Fujinomaki
Email: Send Email
Phone: 080-1229-0011
Country: Japan
Website: www.kickstarter.com/projects/zenical/zen-pen-by-zenical

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