Patrice Shavone Brown chronicles the rollercoaster con story of “two lovers”

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Patrice Shavone Brown chronicles the rollercoaster con story of “two lovers”

July 10
12:10 2020
Coach, Speaker, and Author, Patrice Shavone Brown, releases her new book titled “The Finesser,” where she takes readers on an amazing journey of two conmen trying to outsmart each other

Imagine a plot where the con man gets conned and guess what, it was by the woman he once ripped off. This practically gives an overview of Patrice’s new project. Patrice Shavone Brown is set to release her sixth book titled “The Finesser.” The fiction is an interesting piece that chronicles the series of events between a con man that gets conned by the woman he has ripped off. The book offers an amazing blend of romance, suspense, and drama. “The Finesser” will be officially released on July 11, 2020, on several digital platforms as well as brick and mortar stores.

The world of literature has evolved the years with several creative minds across the globe using their ingenuity to create amazing pieces to quench the thirst of readers. Fiction remains one of the most popular genres, with writers creating fantastic stories that keep readers glued to the last letter. One author that is using her diverse background and vast knowledge to provide readers with impactful stories is Patrice Shavone Brown.

Patrice Shavone Brown is known for her bestseller titled “A Fat Girl’s Confidence” and she is set to stun the world of literature with “The Finesser.” Relationships are often filled with ups and downs as the parties involved struggle and fight for a cause they are passionate about. However, this is not particularly the case with bad boy Jody and Passion.

After getting conned by Passion, a seemingly innocent big beautiful woman, Jody set out to take revenge by any means possible. Jody is determined to fulfill his desires and is ready to do all it takes to achieve his goal. However, he did not see Passion coming and he was taken off guard by her diabolic plan.

Passion is the mastermind and it was a case of both persons trying to win the race as Jody is determined to marry Passion while passion is looking to cast a spell on Jody to strip him of everything.

“The Finesser” will be an amazing read for lovers of fiction, especially suspense and drama freaks.

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About Patrice Shavone Brown

Patrice Shavone Brown is a coach, speaker, mental health counselor, and author of the popular book “A Fat Girls Confidence.” She is also the author of ‘Secrets Of A Crazy Mental Health Counselor” and “The Day Momma Made Me Dance.” Patrice aims to empower others to pursue their dreams using her skills and knowledge.

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