Let’s Get Rid of Skunk Smell From Surroundings & Pets

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Let’s Get Rid of Skunk Smell From Surroundings & Pets

July 13
14:06 2020

So, you are the US resident and love having pets around. Your good dog Joe went to have a little morning walk and came home with the skunk smell. Well, that’s the nightmare every US citizen wishes never to see. Skunk is the white and black animal with a sharp smell that can literally blow up your nose. The chances that if your dog met some skunk on his way, he’s going to come with the smell. 

That is to say, the market is filled with skunk sprays, and they have been in competition with tear gas for good. However, the skunk sprays can lead to nose and eye irritation, tears, redness, and more. In some people, it has even led to nausea. To be honest, these sprays are useless since skunks like to stay away from humans and other animals. If they sense some danger, they excrete the yellow oily spray. 

With this notion, it’s needless to say that it can vaporize pretty fast and sticks to the surfaces that it touches. If you need to get rid of the skunk smell, you’ve got to be precise with the products and efficient with time. In this article, we are sharing everything one needs to know about the skunk smell, including getting rid of it. So, let’s start!

Reason of Such Sharp Smell 

The skunk spray has a very noxious scent with overpowered and durable entities. These sprays are the accumulation of sulfur-based organic compounds that smell similar to rotten eggs. These smells can alarm the human nose sensitivity because even the lowest value of one part per 10 billion can take on these compounds and feel the smell. 

Removing Skunk Smell From People

So, it wasn’t your dog, but you who came in contact with the skunk, and it sprayed all its “defense” spray on you. Well, the first thing you can do is take a shower. It is suggested by exterminator NYC to use the dish detergent or the good-smelling soaps. In addition, use the oil-free shampoo to wash your hair. In addition, you can take the baking soda and water mixture to remove such smell residues from the body and come out clean.

Removing Skunk Smell From Pets 

Pets love to roam around and how on Earth would they know that skunks excrete the lousy smelled spray on them. Long story short, they got skunked, and now you’ve to get rid of the smell. So, you need to create a mixture of baking soda, baby shampoo, and hydrogen peroxide. Use this mixture of lather up your pet’s skin and let it do its magic for around five minutes. After five minutes, wash off the mixture and clean them up with their regular shampoo as well. 

When it comes to using hydrogen peroxide, only take one percent of three parts in it because it can be harsh. Also, make sure not to leave the mixture on for more than five minutes since it can lighten their fur color. Now, you need to waste the extra mixture because, in storage boxes, it will explode up. 

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