Author’s holistic approach to treatment of depression combines mainstream information and spirituality

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Author’s holistic approach to treatment of depression combines mainstream information and spirituality

July 14
00:40 2020

Vienna, Austria – July 14, 2020 – With the COVID-19 pandemic leading to unprecedented feelings of uncertainly, economic instability and social distancing from those we love, it isn’t hard to understand why many people around the world are experiencing higher levels of depression and anxiety. Author David Gyurasz’s newly launched book, The Quest for a Depression-Free Life, takes these challenges into considering and outlines a holistic and complimentary approach to the understanding and treatment of depression.

The free ebook, which was launched on June 23, 2020, is an easy to understand practical guide to recognizing the initial symptoms and causes of depression. The author further outlines standard depression testing and diagnostic devices. From there, the book offers a broader view of the available treatments for depression. Rather than presenting a single path forward, the authors explains the various viewpoints and treatment proposals from several different experts in the field. While standard treatments are discussed in the book, The Quest for a Depression-Free Life differentiates itself by incorporating holistic, spiritual and complimentary therapies.

“I wrote this book as a guide for those who are currently dealing with depression and their loved ones,” explains Gyurasz. “It’s important for people who are suffering to understand the root causes of that suffering and more importantly, to understand that there is a way forward. That treatments exist. That even if traditional therapies haven’t worked in the past, there are alternative therapies which can compliment traditionally relied upon treatments. Through my book, individuals dealing with these negative feelings come to understand that the feelings they have of being stuck and not knowing what to do next in life are not feelings they have to face forever; they can move forward.”

The Quest for a Depression-Free Life goes beyond the basic explanations of the root causes of depression. By drawing on his years of experience and research throughout Europe, Gyurasz is able to take readers on a journey to ask larger questions of their life. As they make their way through the book, readers will tackle challenging questions such as what is the meaning of life, what is my true nature and what is the spiritual significance of my life and of my depression. Through self-analysis and connecting the individual to a life’s larger questions, the author is able to help readers to live more meaningful, successful and joyful lives.

A unique aspect of The Quest for a Depression-Free Life is that the book, like people, is ever-changing and evolving,” says Gyurasz. “As readers provide feedback on the book and as they request additional information, new pages and chapters will be added which expand on the topics already covered. Unlike traditional books which don’t take into account current circumstances and which can’t be changed to help people and provide them with the information they need, my ebook can. It’s the only book I know of where the author and the reader are truly engaging in a two-way conversation.”

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