APICMO is Now Accepting Bulk Order for Favipiravir

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APICMO is Now Accepting Bulk Order for Favipiravir

July 14
18:26 2020
APICMO has finished developing the Favipiravir and its intermediates for COVID-19. They have started the clinical trials, and the initial results are promising. Additionally, the company is increasing its production capacity to meet bulk orders.

APICMO, a Shanghai-based pharmaceutical company, has finished its R&D program associated with developing Favipiravir and its intermediaries for COVID-19. Moreover, they are now ramping up their production capabilities to meet bulk orders from across the globe.

Favipiravir is not a new drug. It already exists in the market and regarded as an effective medicine to fight the influenza virus. This prodrug converts to its active form, i.e. Favipiravir-RTP in cells, and perceived as a substrate by RNA polymerase of the virus, which obstructs RNA polymerase activity. Thus, it is speculated as a possible treatment option for COVID-19, which is an RNA virus.

With this recent announcement, the company is planning to catch the attention of medical professionals across the globe. They have now completed their research of Favipiravir Intermediate, and they can now supply it to other pharmaceutical organisations as well.

A spokesperson for APICMO has mentioned, “Our goal with this recent development of Favipiravir is to offer an affordable treatment solution for COVID-19. We are working tirelessly to improve our drug and expand its clinical trials as well. Additionally, we are working with medical professionals around the world to understand its implications, and continue our research and development accordingly.

The clinical trials of Favipiravir (259793-96-9) have already started worldwide, and the company has begun receiving the initial reports. These reports are displaying promising results, and showing that the drug is capable of fighting COVID-19 virus. Moreover, some clinical trials are still ongoing to determine the exact effects of this drug.

Since the clinical trials of Favipiravir are still ongoing, the company is not willing to comment on its ideal dosage. Another spokesperson of the company said, “We are still receiving data from hospitals and clinics, and our experts are going through them to determine the ideal dosage. Therefore, we have no conclusive recommendation for dosage until now.” However, the company spokesperson also mentioned that they are currently using the traditional dosage as the basis of such trials.

Apart from Favipiravir Intermediate, the company produces other medicines as well. Along with providing medicines, the company invests and focuses mainly on research and development of new drugs. 

During this announcement, the company has indicated its future plans as well. They are aiming to produce an affordable drug for COVID-19. The clinical trials of Favipiravir have been positive so far, and they are waiting for it to complete. After completion of this trial, they will analyse this data and then move forward with the drug. Additionally, they are increasing their production capabilities to meet any bulk order for Favipiravir.

About the company

APICMO is a pharmaceutical company that specialises in producing critical intermediates for research and development of new drugs. Moreover, the company also provide synthetic customisation, systematic development, and mass production of medicines for various research organisations and other pharmaceutical companies.

Additionally, APIMCO is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and company, and they maintain the international standards in terms of quality of their products.

Media Contact
Company Name: Apicmo Holdings Ltd.
Contact Person: Dr. Zeng
Email: Send Email
Phone: +86(1812)4514004
Address:Building D, 2 floor, No. 128, Xiangyin Road Yangpu District
City: Shanghai, 200433
Country: China
Website: www.apicmo.com

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