AutoBOSS Protects Vehicle Paint Protection Using Expertly Applied Synthetic Sealant

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AutoBOSS Protects Vehicle Paint Protection Using Expertly Applied Synthetic Sealant

October 19
10:24 2020

It can be difficult to keep cars looking pristine, especially in the winter months when harsh weather, salt from the road and de-icing fluids can jade paintwork. Car paint sealants offer protection for the paintwork for months on end, keeping your vehicle in top condition in even the harshest conditions.

Car restoration specialists AutoBOSS protect car owners’ vehicles using a specially formulated sealant. It is produced in order to provide maximum protection for vehicles by using synthetic polymer ingredients blended and engineered specifically for their robust finish.

The end result is that cars coated in by AutoBOSS in this specialist finish quite literally shine. With a much longer lifespan than other sealants such as wax, the polymer sealant does not only protect in winter conditions, but also from sun and UV fading, harsher soaps and cleaning agents used in car washes, and even from acid rain.

For car owners that drive their car on a daily basis, leave cars parked in industrial or exposed environments, or drive in extreme hot or cold conditions on a regular basis, car sealant is a great way to preserve the paint and overall look of the car.

From a cost point of view, there are also benefits to applying sealant rather than re-painting cars. An application of sealant is easier and therefore cheaper than a new paint job. And compared to car wax, although the initial cost is slightly higher, the net saving can be more since sealant lasts for months. Unlike wax finishes, this means it does not need to be re-applied after less than a month. Regularly applying sealant to your car also serves to preserve its resale value when it is time to move on and choose your next vehicle.

The composition of the sealant also makes cleaning cars a lot easier. With its smooth finish, the sealant serves to deflect much of the grit and dirt from the road that would otherwise risk damage to the paintwork. It also means that abrasive substances such as salt and sand do not linger on the paintwork, not only protecting it but making cleaning much more efficient.

Prior to applying the sealant, the specialist team at AutoBOSS cleans the whole car to remove any excess grit and dirt prior to anything else. It is then dried in order to prevent moisture being locked under the sealant. Following this, a bar device is then used to remove any finer substances such as dust or salt granules from the surface. The shine is then achieved with a polish and buff, before the sealant is applied and the surface is buffed for a second time. The appearance is almost like a brand new car, and the paintwork is protected for months on end!

About AutoBOSS

AutoBOSS are a car body specialist based in Vaughan. With a team of specialist technicians for body repairs, paint and body protection, and glass replacements, the car body specialists are a one-stop shop for all car finishing requirements. Vaughan residents can preserve the value of their vehicles and keep them looking great using AutoBOSS.

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