Bay College Lockwood Clinic Provides Extensive Range of Audiology and Hearing Aids

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Bay College Lockwood Clinic Provides Extensive Range of Audiology and Hearing Aids

October 19
10:50 2020

With each person that suffers from hearing problems being particular to their specific case, cookie cutter solutions to hearing problems simply do not work effectively. Hearing loss cases need to be treated on an individual basis in order to genuinely solve patients’ cases.

Because of this, the expert team at Bay College Lockwood Clinic provides an extensive range of audiology solutions and hearing aids. The college offers a wide range of products and services designed to offer tailor-made solutions to each and every patient’s individual case. The clinic works with all of its patients to establish the causes and peculiarities of their loss of hearing, before customizing solutions aimed at remediating hearing ability as much as possible.

The clinic also offers audiology hearing aid tests. These tests aim to establish which ear is suffering from the worst level of hearing loss, since it is common that hearing is not lost to the same extent in both ears. In addition to achieving the outcome of better hearing, these tests are also carried out in order to ensure that a comfortable balance is struck between the hearings in both ears.

Bay College Lockwood Clinic’s leading edge hearing aid tests seek to fully understand the extent of a patient’s hearing loss. This knowledge then helps the clinic’s expert team to create individual plans to suit each patient, and effectively address their hearing issues on a personal basis.

As part of this individually tailored treatment, the choice of hearing aid is also an important consideration. This choice can be made depending on a patient’s lifestyle and requirements. With modern hearing aids, the compromise between performance and style is converging greatly, and even some of the most powerful hearing aids are made in flesh colors and small sizes in order to achieve the maximum discretion and comfort possible.

These modern hearing aids are available in three main styles. In-the-canal options are the most discreet of all, with ITC options being the closest thing available to a completely invisible hearing aid. These products are custom-molded to fit patients particular ears. They are made from lightweight plastic, and the color can be cast to be completely in line with the patient’s skin. With this combination, they are perfect for balancing with life, and offer the optimal balance between performance and discretion.

Behind-the-ear options are the best option for people experience medium to severe hearing difficulties. These aids are constructed by way of an inner ear mold which attaches to a tube and microphone that sits behind the patient’s ear.

Receiver-in-the-canal options offer a half-way option between the other types of hearing aid, and can be tailored to suit patients that are experiencing mild and moderate hearing difficulties.

About Bay College Lockwood Clinic

Bay College Lockwood is a Toronto clinic focused on providing services and solutions for patients with a range of hearing difficulties. The clinic offers a range of testing and hearing aid fitting services, as well as expertise in a number of different hearing aids to suit each patient’s condition and lifestyle requirements.

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