Launches Platform that Helps People Maintain Inbox Zero

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October 19
20:39 2020 Launches Platform that Helps People Maintain Inbox Zero
This Turkey-based company helps people manage their inbox, reduce phishing emails, and protect the environment with their latest platform

Every day, people worldwide process unnecessary emails. This activity not only wastes people’s energy, but it also damages the environment., an app that lets people read any newsletter subscription safely and more efficiently, enables users to clean their inbox from unwanted emails and protects them from potential phishing threats. This way, people can maximize their email time while protecting the environment.

With the app, users don’t waste their time to go through their inbox and read all emails before organizing them. The app separates all email newsletters from one’s inbox, into a mobile app. This feature allows users to focus on completing their personal or business email-related tasks. Now, email newsletters from different products or services are stored in one app.

The app also prevents phishing, a scam that tricks people to send passwords or any private information. The scammer poses as a member of a trusted company or institution to successfully trick people. One popular phishing instrument is emailing.

According to the team at, phishing attackers simulate a sender’s address, clone a company logo, and send emails to people. If people don’t recognize phishing, they become victims.

The app gives people the anonymity by not asking for tons of personal data to prevent phishing. This way, people can have full control of their private information.

The app also produces one copy of each newsletter for all senders. This way, it informs subscribers of a personality or a company in the most eco-friendly way possible. also features a push notification button so they can select only the newsletters they want to read.

This eco-friendly move saves electricity wasted from sending billions of email newsletters that will only be left unopened. According to the team, storing email newsletter copies and making them available on the internet drains so much energy that causes climate change in return. The team explains that although a newsletter is just content, a lot of energy is wasted in replicating copies of it.

The team behind the app also takes pride in other’s features. One of these is the app’s capacity to be activated even without a password. The app team behind this feature believes that naturally written things like passwords are a weak way of security.

The app’s fast email receipt is another feature. The app informs people about incoming newsletters faster than any other traditional method. Sending a million newsletters may take an hour. With, it only takes just five minutes to reach a million users with push notifications. offers more features that benefit users in the digital age. For more information on the app, log on to

About is a reading app that allows people to read any newsletter subscription from trusted sources without sharing their email address and personal information with others. The platform puts people’s newsletter subscriptions in a mobile app so they can focus more on reading their personal or business emails.

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