The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Right Window Style

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Right Window Style

October 19
21:42 2020

There’s a wide range of windows with different styles and functionalities to choose from and install at your house. Whether you are replacing your old windows or designing your future home, you can follow the five steps to successfully get the right windows.

1. The Windows Need to Match The House Style

The house styling and design should be the first thing to consider when thinking about the windows. The house exterior aesthetic is important and will already give you enough guidance to choose the right window style.The windows should blend into the house age and look while being completely safe and functional.

2. Decide What Do You Need The Windows For

The basic functionality from windows is to let the air and light in. But now, windows can have several other purposes.

If you are looking for decreasing your energy bill, the windows that help the natural light get inside will be a perfect style. If you are looking for soundproof or safer windows, then you can look for ones with those functions. But if your problem is the lack of ventilation, then more open windows can be the perfect solution.

3. Choose The Best Frame Material

The window style is important, but you also need to take into consideration that windows need repair and maintenance over time — and in some cases, they need to be completely replaced — so choose a frame material that will make this work easier.

Vinyl windows are the most popular material for a reason: they are easy to maintain and last longer, even in direct contact with the weather. Now, if you choose wood windows, keep in mind that they require more repairs so you’ll spend some time taking care of them. Aluminum and fiberglass can also be your options. 

4. Get The Tight Glass Package

The glass package also needs to be considered when choosing the right window style for your home. There are several options with their own functions and different cleaning and maintenance process; 

Dual or triple glass: the dual-pane glass is the first and most common choice. It has two glass panes with some air in the middle. Thetriple pane glass windowshave three panes that add some sound-blocking functionalities.

Argon Gas: this glass is denser than air. The argon gas fills the space between the glass panes and increases the house thermal efficiency.

Low-E glazing: low-E glazing is a thin coat applied on the outside of the glass pane to reduce the heat transfer in the house since it reflects the sunlight without absorbing it.

5. Choose The Right Windows With Professional Help

It may sound like there’s an overwhelming quantity of steps to consider before choosing the right window style for your home. If you have any doubts about the process, you can always seek the professional help from your local window experts or ask for referrals from your friends. 

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