According to Erick Bouaziz – Drug Addiction Can Be Overcome and a Fruitful, Meaningful Life Can Be Experienced

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According to Erick Bouaziz – Drug Addiction Can Be Overcome and a Fruitful, Meaningful Life Can Be Experienced

October 19
21:46 2020
According to Erick Bouaziz - Drug Addiction Can Be Overcome and a Fruitful, Meaningful Life Can Be Experienced

Erick Bouaziz

Erick Bouaziz is a living testament to the example of overcoming drug addiction and moving on to a meaningful life.  Erick struggled with addiction himself but overcame it and now devotes his time and energy to assisting others in their own quest to overcome addiction and establish themselves in a meaningful life.  Erick’s path led him into the field of entrepreneurship and he not only advises others on overcoming addition but on choosing a career and gives advice on how to become an entrepreneur successfully.  A history of drug addiction can impact the chances of obtaining a job unfortunately as some employers will be leery of anyone with a past that includes drug addiction.  Erick Bouaziz has solved that problem also by becoming a successful entrepreneur and helps other addicts with advice on how to do this as well as advice on how to overcome addiction successfully. 

Worrying about finances can exacerbate anxiety and lead to further drug use.

With Erick’s “two-pronged” approach to overcoming drug use, becoming an entrepreneur successfully removes the financial anxiety and therefore can help assist an individual in overcoming the urge to turn back to drug usage.  Erick Bouaziz is not shy about revealing his own struggles and although he has been demeaned by some, that has not prevented him from establishing a prosperous, entrepreneurial lifestyle.  His devotion to remedying his own life through reestablishing himself as an entrepreneur has saved him from sliding back into addiction and he wants to assist others through his own coaching and training on how to achieve exactly what he himself has done.  A former nightclub owner, Erick did suffer the slings and arrows when he slid into addiction and lost his own business.   He now focuses on helping others overcome serious obstacles.  Financial pressures in society of today due to job loss are rampant and can lead a former user right down the path of drug usage again. 

A drug-free lifestyle is difficult, but Erick Bouaziz seeks to help others all he can. 

With more than 85% of individuals that use drugs relapsing, it is a hard path to staying clean and sober.   Success comes with a good support system and by giving true meaning to life.  Erick Bouaziz can provide the support and the knowledge on becoming a successful entrepreneur, thereby helping former addicts with this “two-pronged” approach.  He has maintained his own sobriety and his own business again for five years now and uses a common-sense approach to living life to the fullest. 

About Erick Bouaziz

Erick Bouaziz is a former nightclub owner who does freely admit to having had a drug addiction.  He now seeks to help other addicts in reestablishing their lives, giving up their independence on drugs, and starting their own businesses by becoming entrepreneurs.   Hours are flexible and remote counseling is available.  He has many certifications now in addiction and trainings in business, which he applies to all his clients.  Looking him up on the Internet is the best way to learn more and contact him.

Media Contact
Company Name: Erick Bouaziz
Contact Person: The Academy Addiction Centre
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Phone: 555-787-4242
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada

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