TV Buddy Streaming Device Reviews, Features, Specs and Benefits.

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TV Buddy Streaming Device Reviews, Features, Specs and Benefits.

October 20
02:32 2020
TV Buddy Streaming Device Reviews, Features, Specs and Benefits.
TVBuddy caster streaming device is an efficient and budget-friendly way to stream your beloved shows and movies in full HD. Watch those contents at its best, on that monstrous screen, unveil yourself to a theatre-like experience alongside the comfort of your home. Wirelessly Stream Your Favorite Shows Straight To Your TV!

Nashville, TN – Oct 20, 2020 – Who would mind watching those Netflix shows or other exclusive contents on that gigantic screen, experiencing a multiplex alike view beside the comfort of home? Imagine watching that new movie on that large screen in Full HD, lying in your bed, munching your favorite snacks. What else does one need?

Well, there is no refuting that Tv shows have improved over time, but today is the time of streaming platforms as these online-based platforms are providing way better content compared to those lousy Tv channels. Moreover, people never had these many options, speaking in terms of genre, languages, schedule- an essential but often overlooked factor with Tv shows, one randomly watches anything being aired on the Tv channels. It’s not convenient to disrupt the busy work schedule only to watch that show.

What to do? To get these exclusive services, either one needs to spend on a smart Tv with good internet connectivity or strain their eyes trying to watch it on a tiny phone or laptop screen. In this way, one might end up ripping his/her pocket or damaging those eyes. That’s where devices like Tv buddy come in handy.

Tv buddy caster, one of the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective ways to enjoy those exclusive shows and movies on that enormous screen with full HD resolution. Although it sounds too good to be true, it is the truth. Tvbuddy is a gadget that enables one to stream stuff directly from the smartphone to television.

The subscription of the phone will do the job, no need to purchase any plan separate for the Tv. Moreover, one need not go through the complexity or long hours to set this thing up. It’s a child’s play one can effortlessly set it within a few seconds. It can connect with wifi or directly by using the HDMI cable. It is that simple!

There are numerous other benefits of Tv buddy caster when compared to its competitions in the market. This device solves, unarguably, the most raised concern of all, and that is the privacy of the user. This caster does not display any ads besides it never acts as a spy to track down your media content for review or any other purpose. Privacy is one of the most acclaimed features of this product. Learn more about TV Buddy features on the official website

Apart from just privacy, TVbuddy offers a lot to its users. With this device around, one can guarantee to have an astonishing theatre-like experience at home as the Tv buddy caster is compatible with both IOS and Android operating systems and can stream in Full HD-1080p resolution providing an extraordinary view on the large screen.

As stated, it is full HD with H.265 decoding- a highly efficient video decoder. The processing speed is top-notch- the stream won’t buffer unless there’s an internet issue. Almost all video formats are supported may it be FLV, MKV, AVI, or VOB; the same goes for the audio and picture formats. Further, there’s no requirement of any drivers or anything apart from the device itself. 

Despite bringing all these elite and luxurious features right out of the box, this won’t charge a hefty fee or won’t rip your pocket. The amount charged is fair and reasonable for the specs. It is not only user-friendly or environment-friendly but also pocket-friendly.


The work and the reviews speak for the products, and that is certainly true for the Tv buddy caster. The device has scored infinite positive reviews from many satisfied customers and users. The customers have massively appreciated this device in terms of being user-friendly, portable due to its small and sleek body, compatibility with almost every Tv and operating system, streaming all kinds of subscriptions such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV with excellent quality. Tv buddy reviews are too good to be true! But it is the truth. More information about TV Buddy at the official website.

Because of the numerous advantages of this device, this has outperformed the competitors in the market. The challengers have failed to provide the same value, and therefore, there have been various fake articles and reviews heading tv buddy scam. Be aware of these articles and reviews. Either these tv buddy caster reviews are written with zero practical usage of this product, or the customer has purchased it from unauthentic sources. Being a popular product it’s natural to find imitations in the market, one must purchase from an authentic and certified seller.

One can purchase this device straight from their official website or from an authentic seller. Apart from the value of the device itself, the customer won’t pay anything more as they provide free shipping, and if unsatisfied with the product, the company allows the user to return and fetch a refund within 30 days of purchasing the product.

The bigger, the better- this is so true when streaming, Tv buddy caster grants all the needed stuff to have a bigger and better weekend experience with the family. But if anyone is willing to take this streaming experience to the next level, then he/she can go for tv buddy antenna, another revolutionary product from the company.

Tv buddy antenna works the same as the caster, but it basically removes the clutter and necessity of cables and ports and even the internet. The antenna works on cordless technology, enabling video streaming in full HD within the range of 30miles. Isn’t it astounding? Read clients reviews about TV Buddy on the official website.

It is a small, lightweight, and compact device that can make its way while traveling anywhere in the globe.

Technically speaking, it comes with a 13-foot antenna coax cord making the arrangement of the antenna convenient, enabling the user to place the HD antenna as per their will. Packed with an in-built smart IC chip, a multi-directional receptor, long-range amplifier, and long-range connectivity, securing this HD antenna to stand apart from its challengers.

The best thing is with this product is the one-time payment features fundamentally a customer pay one time initially during the purchase of this product, and guess what! No-payments after that, one gets to watch all the tv buddy channels without bothering about paying anymore. It’s next to impossible to mention any such product that provides HD channels like NBC, CBS, ABC, and many more for free, absolutely free of cost.

Tv buddy antenna reviews speak for themselves, testimonials stating many happy shoppers, this is undeniably one of the best products out there in the market. The shoppers have loved its easy installation and quality of stream with its flexibility to connect with almost every Tv models out there. All thanks to the adapter that comes within the box

Well, there’s not much to think of when choosing either of the products. Both packed with essential features with reasonable prices and attractive offers. Reliable after-sales service from the company and remarkable reviews from the users and shoppers lists these among the top products in the market. Learn more about TV Buddy features on the official website

One must allow himself to experience exclusive content, shows, or matches with the ease of homely comfort. It is another level of sophistication and with these products, one can relish the luxury similar to the most expensive products out there without breaking the bank.

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