LED Direct’s Innovative 99% Germ-Killing Product Proving Crucial to the COVID-19 Era

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LED Direct’s Innovative 99% Germ-Killing Product Proving Crucial to the COVID-19 Era

October 20
18:06 2020
LED Direct’s Innovative 99% Germ-Killing Product Proving Crucial to the COVID-19 Era

October 20, 2020 – Thanks to the team at LED Direct, germ control and disinfection of surfaces can now be achieved using mere light with the newly launched Purelight Flow UV-C. mere light.

Since LED Direct swung into business in April 2020, the family-run business has seen its stock rise with a series of life-changing innovations and products. The Purelight Flow UV-C is the latest addition to LED direct’s inventory. From the looks of it, the product will contribute significantly to the fight against the dreary coronavirus. Apart from combating the coronavirus or COVID-19, the Purelight Flow UV-C will no doubt contribute largely to helping humans, animals and basically, every living thing maintain good health.

After a series of rigorous test-runs on the Purelight Flow UV-C, businesses, hospitals, schools, and public service establishments are encouraged to install the innovative ultraviolet light sanitizer that kills 99% of Covid germs in 6 seconds. The device releases non-toxic beams of light that disinfect the air and surfaces wherever it is installed. With the tendency for light to be reflective the rays from the Purelight Flow UV-C are able to reach all nooks and crannies. More and more establishments and homeowners are opting for the Purelight Flow UV-C as a means of disinfecting walls, surfaces, and objects around their offices and houses respectively.

It is now the Fall, and contrary to expectations, the virus has not decreased. In many countries, there has been a resurgence forcing governments to establish new rules and lockdowns to fight the disease. Public services, and businesses like restaurants, and salons especially have incurred unfathomable losses but are now opening even in the wake of the raging pandemic. While doing so there is a need for effective sanitization procedures to keep the virus at bay. Hospitals that see a huge footfall are hindered by limited resources to ensure their property is completely Covid free. The Pureflight flow UV-C ultraviolet light sanitizer could be a boon for such establishments because when installed strategically, it can kill the virus even in the smallest of corners.

The Purelight Flow UV-C works with UV-C or Ultraviolet technology. It disinfects the air, and surfaces of walls, and objects using wavelengths of 253.7 mm to keep an area free from the disease. During R&D, experts of the company found how one dose of 5mj/cm2 could effectively reduce 99% Covid-19 germs in just 6 seconds. The UV-C light emits photons that can penetrate cells of microorganisms like the coronavirus. It then breaks down the RNA and DNA to damage the nucleic acid within. With the genetic material destroyed, the virus is prevented from reproducing further.

Radiation from an installed device disinfects the air including all surfaces. It reaches corners, nooks and crannies in the form of reflected rays. This makes the Purelight Flow UV-C the perfect UV sanitizer for any business or public establishment always at risk of spreading the virus.

LED Direct is a UK family owned business operating since April 2020. Engaged in production of residential and busines lighting automation, the Purelight Flow UV-C is a masterpiece of technology answering a huge demand triggered by the pandemic situation today. Speaking about its goals and mission, the company said:

We are a small business with big ambitions. We work hard to make lives easier- be that smart home automation, dream gamer lighting or Covid-19 fighting technology, we put our customers first. We have all been affected by this horrific virus. Anything we can do to help and support businesses we will.

For more information: https://leddirect.co.uk/pages/uvc-light-sanitizer

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