Naked Edge Snacks LLC is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors.

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Naked Edge Snacks LLC is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors.

October 20
18:25 2020
Naked Edge Snacks LLC is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout's Direct Store Delivery Distributors.

Whole fruit, whole veggies… and nothing else!
Our Veggie Go’s fruit and veggie strips are made with organic fruit and vegetables…and nothing else. Unlike other fruit leather products, these fruit strips include veggie goodness in every bite. Certified organic, certified kosher, vegan, non-GMO, and with no added sugar these snacks are the next best thing to fresh fruit and vegetables. Adults and kids alike will be overjoyed to find snacks they can feel good about and enjoy guilt-free.


Healthy snacks = How do Veggie Go’s measure up?

– No added sugar
– Certified Organic
– Non-GMO
– Vegan
– Certified Kosher
– Equal to 1 serving of fruits & veggies

Sounds awesome? Read on…

When choosing a convenient snack, it’s hard to find something you can feel great about. Instead of settling for something that isn’t “bad” for you, how about going WILD for something better?  

Founders John and Lisa, have a passion for real food. When traveling across Europe and working in organic farms they had the idea of bringing something better to the community. Organic fruit and veggies in a convenient snack that tastes like a treat instead of a health food.  

With a pandemic upon us, consumers are looking for ways to boost their immune system, trying to balance convenience with good choices while searching for healthier snack options. 
Sometimes that’s not easy… that is…until now. 

Every Veggie Go’s strip is equivalent to ½ cup of fruit & veggies.  

Wildmade Snacks is proud to present Veggie Go’s: a line of fruit & veggie strips made with certified organic fruit & veggies… and NOTHING ELSE! Our strips are perfectly blended together to deliver big on taste for even the pickiest of eaters. 

Our VEGGIE GO’S Lineup:

Berry, Apple, + Spinach Strips: 

These babies have organic apple, spinach, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and sweet potato puree blended together to pack a punch. Berries are high in antioxidants which help the body fight free radicals which result from our daily exposure to toxins. And let’s not forget the spinach which is an excellent source of iron, folate, chlorophyll, Vitamin E, magnesium, Vitamin A, fiber, plant protein, and Vitamin C. Talk about a ton of antioxidants in one delicious snack that will have the kids begging for more.

Strawberry, Apple + Sweet Potato Strips:

A sweet blend of strawberry, apple and sweet potato pureee that makes you close your eyes and think of strawberry fields. Sweet potatoes are a good source of iron, calcium, and selenium as well as Vitamins B and C, but mostly you’ll be overwhelmed by the authentic fruit flavors of berries and apples in every bite.  

Mango, Apple + Pumpkin:

This delicious sweet apple, mango, and pumpkin puree combo will tickle the tastebuds and is a top favorite among fans. Mangos are a great source of vitamin C and great for gut health. The fall vegetable that people love to carve is a great addition in this trio because it’s high in Vitamins A and C and helps boost the bodies immune system, something we can all benefit during a pandemic. Best of all, it’s like a mango sorbet in a convenient healthy snack without the added sugar!

In a nutshell, we are here to support you, support your family, and help make it easier to eat real food every day.

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