InnerSight Psychotherapy Works to Alleviate Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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InnerSight Psychotherapy Works to Alleviate Anxiety and Panic Attacks

October 21
11:46 2020

With the pressures of modern life taking their toll on more and more Ontario residents, panic attacks and anxiety are becoming more and more common. Some levels of anxiety can be considered to be beneficial such as in emergency situations that require removal from or fighting out of a dangerous situation. Regular anxiety about life, health, family or finance can become detrimental, however.

While humans are equipped with a natural ability to cope with anxiety, doing so depends to a large extent on the context and situation that brings it on. While being late for work or other daily incident can cause mild levels of anxiety, humans are generally able to handle this, and anxiety levels reduce as a result.

When people being to find that they are feeling symptoms of anxiety for no good reason, this could be signs of a more serious underlying problem. Other symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks can include stress symptoms lingering long after an event has occurred.

Physical symptoms can also highlight panic attacks. These include breathing shortness, tightening of the chest and breath, sweaty skin and feelings of fright or panic. Although these symptoms can manifest themselves in different ways with different people, any sign of them should be treated seriously since they can quickly lead to a much more serious situation.

While symptoms can vary considerably, some of the most dangerous and obvious signs of a panic attack occurring in an individual are a rapid and sudden increase in heart rate and breathing rate, tight lungs, inability to sleep and suffering nightmares, and a variety of digestive problems. More mild symptoms should not be overlooked, since a general lack of relaxation, nervousness and problems concentrating can also point to anxiety or an imminent panic attack.

InnerSight Psychotherapy offer a range of solutions and counselling programs designed to prevent and deal with anxiety and panic attacks. In addition to this, the clinic also provides treatment for those people living with the threat of panic attacks hanging over them. The tailor-made programs also include treatments to reduce the contributing factors to stress, as well as how to deal with the symptoms of actual panic attacks.  

With this combination of proactive and reactive treatment, InnerSight Psychotherapy’s patients can benefit from a holistic approach to anxiety and panic attacks. Included in this is the factoring in of patients’ other circumstances such as underlying medical conditions, the treatment and drugs they already receive for those, and the presence of other major life events or traumas. Genetic links to panic attacks and anxiety are also considered by InnerSight’s specialist team. And deaths in the family, loss of employment or risk of redundancy, or other actual or looming negative events in life.

About InnerSight Psychotherapy

InnerSight Psychotherapy is a Vaughan, clinic offering a range of treatments and programs designed to relieve the onset and symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety. The clinic works with patients to produce holistic programs of recovery and ongoing handling of stress-inducing situations, and helps them on the road to fulfilling and healthy lives.

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