How To Use Usb Connectors In Different Situation

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How To Use Usb Connectors In Different Situation

October 21
12:20 2020
How To Use Usb Connectors In Different Situation

Ever noticed how to use usb connectors in different environments?

1, Under high temperatures

The high temperature will destroy the insulating material and reduce the insulation resistance and voltage resistance, and the high temperature will make the metal lose its elasticity to the contact, accelerate the oxidation and the coating deterioration. The normal ambient temperature is -40~80℃ which may be higher in special situations.

2, Under Wet environment

Relative humidity greater than 80, is the main cause of electric wear. Water vapor caused by wet environment will absorb and diffuse the insulator surface, which will lead to the decrease of insulation resistance. If it is often in high humidity environment, it will also lead to physical deformation, decomposition and escape of the product, resulting in respiratory effect and electrolysis, corrosion and crack. Especially usb connectors outside the equipment should be sealed in wet conditions.

3, In a volatile environment

usb connectors may cause cracks or layers of insulating materials when the ambient temperature changes sharply.

4, In a thin air environment

In the environment of thin air, plastic contact with polluted gas will lead to corona, voltage resistance decline, circuit short circuit fault, plastic performance deterioration and so on. Therefore, in this case, the use of unsealed connectors must be reduced.

5, In corrosive environments

usb connector used in corrosive environment should choose the corresponding metal, plastic, coating structure connector. If there is no anticorrosive metal surface, it will also lead to rapid degradation of performance.

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