UV Fusion – A one-stop solution for unparalleled resurfacing of industrial and commercial floors of multiple types through an immediate cured UV Coating system to minimize the downtime

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UV Fusion – A one-stop solution for unparalleled resurfacing of industrial and commercial floors of multiple types through an immediate cured UV Coating system to minimize the downtime

October 22
00:06 2020
UV Fusion is a leading commercial, industrial floor specialty company dealing with the resurfacing of multiples types of floors, including Concrete Floors, Terrazzo Floors, Vinyl Floors, and VCT Floors through its unique and immediate curing UV coating system, ensuring quick restoration of the daily operations. The Coating Solutions do wonders for Vinyl/VCT floors and eliminates floor stripping & waxing.

In every commercial and industrial business, the floors are subjected to immense stress due to movement of heavy machinery, forklifts, and other activities in the environment.  The floors have to endure high friction, which can damage the surface of the floors. Floor Coatings are essential to protect the floors from wear and tear, and often they are required for the maintenance of previously damaged floors. Floor Coating Failure begins when it’s resistant to cleaning, but at advanced stages, it starts to peel, visible starches appear, and the concrete is exposed. To ensure that the Floor Coating Failures doesn’t frequently occur, it is essential to engage with a Professional and experienced Floor Coating solutions company. The right company will provide extensive knowledge about what coating is best for a specific facility considering the chemicals used in the unit have a high impact on Floor Coatings and the cure time of their coating solution provided because most businesses and organizations cannot manage extended down periods.

UV Fusion is a unique and reliable floor coating business in Las Vegas. The company provides high-grade Concrete Floor Coatings solutions to revamp the old concrete floors and maintenance of the new concrete floors. Resurfacing of Terrazzo Floors, Vinyl Floors, and VCT floor is also a specialty of the business. UV Fusion employs a UV Coating System which ensures durability and easy maintenance of the floors. The company renders its services to various industries ranging from Hospitality, Food Processing, Warehouses, Health Care, Restaurants, and many more. The business has the most suitable processes and uses high-quality materials for complete client satisfaction. UV Fusion has years of experience in the coating system business and currently ready to install a small portion floor at “The Bellagio Hotel & Casino” in Las Vegas strip, owned by MGM Resorts International, for the resurfacing of their floors using the UV Coating System.

UV Coating Systems has numerous benefits for all kinds of industrial and commercial facilities and even residential buildings. The UV Coating solutions provided by UV Fusion have unique features that can be extremely advantageous for manufacturers. The key features are:

Immediately Curing Process with the Speed of Light:

The UV cured floor coatings are immediately ready for use after the curing process. The UV light source promptly cures the floor coatings, and the floors are ready for the use of Pedestrians, workers, and factory vehicles like forklifts and other warehouse equipment.

Microban (regsitered name) reduces Bacteria  Growth and Spread:

Our Certified Microban (regsitered name) Floor Coatings are most helpful for the industries and facilities that require advanced floor hygiene because of the infusion of Microban (regsitered name) in the floor coatings. Microban (regsitered name) Product Protection inhibits bacteria growth and reduces the spread of germs and bacteria’s. It keeps floors cleaner by preventing damaging microbial growth before it can start. For applications where sanitation is crucial – cafeterias, restaurants, supermarkets, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical labs, kennels and veterinary offices – concrete treatments with Microban (regsitered name) technology are the best solution.


UV Fusion’s floor coating solutions are extraordinary, reliable, and durable. Our Concrete floor coatings are robust and not affected by heavy machinery and continuous aggressive usage in the warehouse and manufacturing industries. Our Coating solutions are most suitable for VCT/Vinyl Floors and ensure there is no need of stripping and waxing of the floor surfaces. For a continuous bright shine, the only requirement is a simple cleaning process.

Chemically Resistant

Our Floor Coatings are safe and incredibly Chemical resistant. Even after exposure of extended hours, the coating doesn’t allow the chemicals to penetrate in the inner layer and prevent it from deterioration.

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Contact Person: Mark Kozlowski
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Country: United States
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