Clapper Media Inc Liberates Social Media Users With New “Clapper FAM”

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Clapper Media Inc Liberates Social Media Users With New “Clapper FAM”

November 18
23:26 2020
Independent digital media company, Clapper Media Inc., to launch a monetized platform called “Clapper FAM” to help social media users earn from content created

November 18, 2020 – Clapper Media Inc. has continued to reiterate their goal of challenging the status quo in the social media space by liberating all categories of users, with the company set to launch “Clapper FAM” in the coming days. The monetization solution is designed to allow users to support their favorite creators in the app while offering them the opportunity to express themselves without fear of censorship or ban.

Clapper will launch monetization called “Clapper FAM” on Nov 2020 to allow users to support their favorite creators in the app. So that creators with good content and followers can earn money from their supporters. Clapper undeniably provides the best tools in the industry for creators to accomplish that with no limitation on the abundance of content variety that can be produced,” said Edison, CEO of Clapper.

Clapper became necessary following the increasing clampdown on social media users and their “inappropriate posts.” The censorship of content posted on social media and sometimes banning of users have practically defeated the goal of having a platform where views and opinions can be shared freely. Unfortunately, the major social media platforms seem to be comfortable with this approach, which is where Clapper Media Inc. aims to disrupt the space.

The relatively new censorship-free social media platform allows users to communicate freely, sharing their opinions and views about all kinds of subjects without the fear of getting banned. The first independent free speech video platform is already receiving tons of accolades from different categories of users. “Clapper is one of our favorite apps because it doesn’t censor content, and that’s really important to us. It shows they care about our rights!” – Liam Rafizadeh, Founder of Today Is America.

Love this app, I would do away with tic tok if I get their live and features. You guys have a great thing going on here. Thank you for allowing me to exercise my freedom, keep up the great work can’t wait to see where this app goes,” said Nicole Brittain.

Clapper is an amazing tool for libertarians and free speech advocates, Conservatives, Republicans and political right-wing, and atheists, ex-Muslims, and apostates. The upcoming launch of “Clapper FAM” will make expressing oneself even more rewarding as a content creator and fan.

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About Clapper Media Inc.

Clapper Media Inc is an independent digital media company providing a platform for people to express their views freely. The company delivers short mobile videos to hundreds of millions of people around the world through the Clapper app, encouraging freedom of speech and expression.

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