Learn the “Magic Move” of the Pros with WristClick Golf Swing Trainer on Kickstarter

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Learn the “Magic Move” of the Pros with WristClick Golf Swing Trainer on Kickstarter

July 06
16:38 2020

WristClick is a unique real-time swing trainer that will help golfers correct their swings and achieve better consistency with longer shots. 

Forget flipped wrists and inconsistent shots while swinging your golf club. Sacramento-based engineer and golfer Doug Dunrud has launched an innovative patent-pending golf swing training aide on Kickstarter. Named “WristClick,” the revolutionary swing trainer will help golfers execute the “magic move” of the pros, taking their game to new heights.

The first of its kind, the WristClick is a training aide that is strategically designed to stop wrist flipping at impact. It is a real-time swing trainer that provides instant audio feedback, enabling users to correct bad swinging habits immediately.

It all started with Dunrud struggling to achieve smooth consistency in his swings despite being a decent golfer.

“Swing consistency is one of the hardest things to achieve in golf. I have suffered from the same issue despite being a decent golfer. I know many like me try hard to attain consistent swings like pros. Being an engineer, I was aware of the principles of physics which work to produce a swing like that of professionals. But when I saw the video of my swings, it was nowhere near where I have imagined them to be. It inspired me to develop a swing training tool that would help golfers to imbibe those key movements that result in smooth consistency in their swings.” – Doug Dunrud, WristClick Golf Swing

Speaking further, he stressed that users can achieve longer shots with better consistency if the shaft is leaning forward at impact, which is why the pros hit their irons so far with amazing consistency. WristClick is intelligently designed to enable users to achieve that desired impact position.

Dunrud mentioned that he had been working on his swing training aide for around 5 years now, and he had even filed for a provisional patent for his training gear in 2015. Back then, he was working with a golf pro who teaches at Temecula-based Legends Golf Club. He tested the glove but could not come up with positive feedback. According to the golf pro, the training glove could not provide consistent results. It sent Dunrud back to his drawing board again to bring up a modified result. 

“After the first version of my training gear failed to produce results, I sat down to make the needed modifications. I have sent my prototypes to renowned golf pros, and this time the response has been just amazing. I have received huge support from PGA professional Mark Csencsits. He genuinely appreciated the WristClick and has already used it with his students at Bethlehem Golf Club (where he is the Head of Teaching Professionals) with immense success.”

Top features of WristClick:

  • A breeze to use,
  • Offers immediate audio feedback,
  • Boasts a unique design and functionality,
  • Affordable.

“WristClick is something that all golfers have been looking for. At present, we are looking into the tooling needed for mass production using injection molding and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring WristClick to life and help golfers of all levels learn the secret of the pros.”

To learn more, or show your support for the campaign, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/533967651/wristclick-golf-trainer

Media Contact
Company Name: WristClick Golf Swing Trainer
City: Sacramento
State: California
Country: United States
Website: www.kickstarter.com/projects/533967651/wristclick-golf-trainer

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