A Perfect Choice for Customization Fans: Checking the Best Jeep Upgrades

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A Perfect Choice for Customization Fans: Checking the Best Jeep Upgrades

July 09
18:58 2020

Are you a proud owner of a big, strong, and shiny Jeep? Are you happy behind its wheel? But can you imagine how cool it can really be? Do you know what it’s capable of? Statistically, most Jeep drivers don’t even have the slightest idea about how incredible this off-roading champ truly is. That’s right: there are pretty much endless possibilities waiting for you out there. 

To take your Jeep to the next level, you’ll need aftermarket parts. I’m talking about the Best Jeep Upgrades that make the stock gear blush. We’ve got replacement air intake systems, shock absorbers, steering stabilizers, tuners, brake pads, and rotors. And don’t get me started on lift kits, control arms, and sway bar disconnects. Then you have jacks, winches, tube doors, fenders, and roof lights. Wanna learn more about them? Let’s get right to it!

Improving your Jeep’s Off-Roading Capabilities

The best thing about the legendary Jeeps – third-party gear manufacturers love them! Since this is the most popular off-roading monster, you’ll find dozens, if not hundreds of custom-made aftermarket parts that fit Jeeps perfectly. But where do you start? Which upgrades should be on top of your list, and which ones aren’t that important? You’ll need to get it ready for the road, that’s for sure.

For conquering the wilderness, you should go with bigger wheels to overcome all the challenges on the road. For them to work properly, you’ll need a lit kit with control arms. The kit will lift your Jeep (by up to five inches or more) and turn it into an off-roading machine. Without it, you won’t be able to fully enjoy your adventures. Also, consider installing a steering stabilizer to improve the overall ride quality.

For rock climbing and crawling down a hill, a locker is a God-sent. AKA the locking differential, it makes the wheels on the axle (front or rear) move at the same speed, with the same amount of force. That greatly increases traction and the flexibility of your steel horse. Jeep’s stock brakes are decent, but they’re no match for aftermarket rotors, pads, and calipers. The reason: the bigger the tires, the stronger the brakes should be.

Performance: Boosting the Engine

First of all, consider changing the oil. The best aftermarket oil doesn’t freeze in sub-zero temperatures and will serve you for a long time. To increase the airflow and keep the engine cool 24/7, I recommend purchasing a third-party cold air intake system. It’s relatively easy to install and will give the airflow a nice boost (50+ and more). Next, we have tuners. These devices are fully automated and control the computer systems of your Jeep.

Plug them, choose one of the available calibration settings, and let the tuner do its thing. While the difference in performance won’t be dramatic, you will, indeed, perfect the engine and gain extra HP and torque. Have you heard about headers? They have only one job: to get rid of exhaust gases produced by the engine. The stock setup is too weak for off-roading, but with an aftermarket header, each cylinder will get a separate pipe for the utmost efficiency.

Body Upgrades

To drive into the night, a set of roof lights is a must. They “feed” off the battery and make any Jeep look extra badass. Aftermarket fenders, in turn, beef up your ride and add an extra layer of protection. And what about tube doors, you might ask? Well, they are much smaller than the factory doors, which means they have increased visibility and let you feel the wind in your face.

As for the winch, the experts recommend packing it on every single off-roading trip. The same is true for jacks, traction mats, floor mats, extra gallons of engine oil and coolant, and the emergency kit.

The EndLine

Now you see what I’m talking about? A Jeep is more than just a mere vehicle – it’s a lifestyle. And, you simply can’t treat it as a “domestic animal”, driving it to the closest grocery store and back home. So, stop whatever you’re doing, and start unlocking the full potential of your mighty Jeep! If you don’t, others folk will do it, and all that you’ll be able to do then is watch them have fun and be angry at yourself.

Get those bucks that you’ve been saving for the rainy day – it’s time to spend them on aftermarket Jeep parts! Trust me: once you feel the rush behind the wheel of a “pimped out” Jeep, you’ll never want to go back!

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