Sculpture Collection Exhibition: Ordinary Folks, Art Sets Florence To Sail Again

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Sculpture Collection Exhibition: Ordinary Folks, Art Sets Florence To Sail Again

July 13
20:59 2020

On July 13th, 2020, the exhibition of Ordinary Folks by the Chinese artist Liu Ruowang will take place at the Piazza Pitti and Piazza Santissima Annunziata, Florence. The City Major said, let art sets this ancient city to sail again.

The COVID-19 nerves, upsets, and even despairs people. To heal the hurting souls, to show the preciousness of life, and to embrace the beauty of life, Florence City and The Uffizi Gallery carefully chose to exhibit Mr. Liu’s Ordinary Folks at the heart of Florence. The exhibition conveys revere to life, care to humanity, respect to the strong, and sympathy to the weak. It also gives hope and strength for people’s desire to survive and arouses people’s tenderness to other living souls. 

Ordinary Folks is a sculpture collection consist of 110 wolves cast by temperature-resist steel. The work series intends to demonstrate the conflicted yet united relationship between men and animals, men and nature, and men and society. Since ancient times, lives on earth had to search for a harmonious developmental balance with nature through continuous battles and fusions. Life is venerable, but it always courageously faces every death challenge with perseverance and solidity in difficult and threatening environments. 

Ordinary Folks 

Departs from China, Ordinary Folks had exhibited at Queenstown, New Zealand, Petersdorf, Germany, Quimper, France, Copenhagen, Denmark, Venice, Turin, Cervinara, and Naples, Italy, and arrived at Florence today. Ordinary Folks provided amazing experiences to dozens of metropolis globally. Many influential politicians such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, and South Korean Deputy Prime Minister Kim Byong-joon visited and deeply shocked by Liu Ruowang’s work.

Liu Ruowang is a painter and sculptor from Western China, who was born in a small village by the Yellow River. To pursuit knowledge, he walked to the capital city of his home province, to Beijing, and to the world. He conquered great suffer and challenge in every step. It is the charm from art that powers him to keep going. Liu admires Rodin and Michelangelo, while consistently walks on a creative path of his own comprehension. Observes through swirls of life, and thinking from unpredictable fate, Liu created many soul touching group sculptures like The East is RedMelody, Ordinary Folks, and Original Sin

Artist: Liu Ruowang

Presently, under Liu’s leading, many outstanding and talented artists, architects, designers, and scholars are intervening in rural construction with art as feedback for their hometown. And jointly reconstruct beautiful villages. After founded the Dodo Art Museum in Beijing, Liu founded more art museums in Yulin, Shaanxi, and Yukou Town of Jia County. Liu’s career focus now is on ecological civilization, international cultural exchanges, and children’s art education advocacy. 

Liu Ruowang once said, “Art is a lifestyle, a channel to express my inner feelings. As such, I will not limit to a certain format. I attempt to try all possibilities as long as it can accurately convey my artistic feelings.” 

Original Sin

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