Bellsing Dongguan Production Center is officially opened, The first automatic production base of balanced armature receiver in the world

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Bellsing Dongguan Production Center is officially opened, The first automatic production base of balanced armature receiver in the world

July 14
10:32 2020

On July 3, 2020, Bellsing Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony in Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, China. to celebrate the inauguration of the world’s first balanced armature receiver automatic production base — Bellsing (Dongguan) production center.

Bellsing is the world’s leading supplier of balanced armature receiver and related acoustic solutions. It is committed to providing acoustic components, solutions and professional services for the global medical industry, consumer electronics industry, military and police industry and communications industry, with its business covering more than 50 countries around the world.

After six years of hard work, Bellsing has more than 400 patents (including 132 invention patents and 14 PCT international patents), obtained many domestic and foreign technical certifications such as ISO4001 environmental system, and was rated as China’s national high-tech enterprise, becoming a leading enterprise in the acoustic industry. Behind every gorgeous “honor”, is Bellsing solid footprints. All the staff worked hard day and night, In the process of intelligent life service construction, they show their unique creativity and execution.

Bellsing is based in Shenzhen, China, has set up a pre-research and development center in Chicago, USA, a supply chain and transit center in Hong Kong,

& a production center in Suzhou, China.

Dongguan Production Center, the production base of this opening ceremony, is the core production base that Bellsing devotes itself to build for the consumer electronics market, and is also the most perfect manufacturing base of balanced armature receiver in the world.

Under the influence of the epidemic and the turbulent economic and political environment at home and abroad, Bellsing chose to implement the expansion strategy in this period, which shows the decision makers’ confidence in the company’s operation and industry development and their determination to face the difficulties.

Take the lead in the deploy of balanced armature receiver production line, leading the market development

Under the leadership of Li Liang, founder and CEO of Bellsing, we came into the Dongguan production center of Bellsing and lifted the “mysterious veil” of audio devices such as headphones and speakers in the era of intelligence.

At present, The Production center has set up 6 automatic production lines with monthly production capacity of 1.8 million. It is expected to expand to 13 automatic production lines with a monthly production capacity of 3.9 million by the end of this year, which can meet the huge demand of customers in the consumer electronics industry.

Bellsing balanced armature receiver products are manufactured by the production line through a five-stage precision automated process.  Every product goes through strict testing before leaving the factory, including the frequency response curve, distortion and impedance test of the receiver, so as to guarantee the “zero defect” quality of each product.

Go up against the currentkeep in place or break for change?

After the event, the founder and CEO of Bellsing, Li Liang, was interviewed by the host. In the context of uncertain economic situation and fierce market competition, Bellsing has sufficient courage to choose the expansion strategy, and Bellsing has its own the unique views.

Bellsing believes that balanced armature receiver has great application potential in the consumer electronics market, especially the rapid breakthrough of balanced armature receiver in the past medical equipment and military police communication industry, which shows that balanced armature receiver has great development potential. The epidemic has a very obvious impact on the whole economy and industry market, but when the epidemic is over, all the resources will gather to the leading enterprises, which will cause huge market demand. This is the reason why Bellsing chooses to train troops and expand its production capacity in the dormant period.

Dare to be the first and Strive for excellence

After six years of research and development operations and work diligently, Bellsing has invested a lot of resources in technical engineering to optimize the selection of raw materials, product structure, production process and monitoring of finished products. So Bellsing took the lead in the industry to complete the construction of  balanced armature receiver automatic production and put into commercial application, and become the world’s first balanced armature receiver automation factory.

Not only to follow the development of the times, but also to promote the development of the times

As the world’s second largest economy, Enterprises in China are facing increasingly fierce strategic competition. At present, the acoustic industry in the market is still dominated and monopolized by European and American enterprises. Since its establishment, Bellsing has been determined to change the current industry pattern and become a leading enterprise in the acoustic industry.

“As Bellsing CEO Li Liang said, “The balanced armature receiver is only the first strategic plan in all our acoustic industries. Next, Bellsing will make use of its core competitiveness in R&D, manufacturing and management to constantly break through industry barriers and gradually develop into a leading enterprise in the acoustic industry.”

We also look forward to the emergence of more Bellsing products and technologies,to inject new vitality into the market.

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