HICC GROOM!™: Pet Grooming Gloves Launched on Kickstarter with Special Price

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HICC GROOM!™: Pet Grooming Gloves Launched on Kickstarter with Special Price

April 12
14:08 2021

Bath time can be a serious hassle for pet owners. We are all familiar with the splashing, the thrashing, the barking, and the yelping. It can get to be a lot, which is why many pet owners choose to just hire someone else to take care of all their pet’s grooming needs. The way we see it, though, grooming is an opportunity for pets and their owners to bond. It’s a time where you can relax and feel calm – as long as everyone is comfortable with the whole process.

Fortunately, we have devised a way to make everyone comfortable with the whole process. At HICC, we have taken a look at the grooming options available on the market and realized that we can do better. We have applied hypochlorous technology to pet grooming, in the form of a pet grooming glove. While the are holding off on explaining the technology in detail until our crowdfunding campaign goes live, we are confident out innovation is going to change the way pet owners think about pet hygiene and cleanliness.

This is a venture to which we have committed ourselves wholeheartedly. We have established ourselves as supply chain and logistics experts and partnered with the right firms to create this product quickly and at a high quality. None of this is going to happen on its own, though. We need to put together some additional start-up capital, which is why we are launching our crowdfunding campaign here on Kickstarter.

HICC Groom! represents a movement forward for the entire field of pet grooming. Whereas most people have chosen to outsource this work in the past, our pet grooming gloves will make it so simple and so accessible that pets and their owners can get closer than ever before – and feel more confident in their cleanliness than they may have ever thought possible.

It all starts with you. It starts with your contribution and your vote of confidence in our product.

We are going to offer HICC Groom! Pet Grooming Gloves exclusively on Kickstarter. That means if you want to reserve your pet grooming gloves before we bring them to store shelves, this is the only way to do so. You visit the campaign, you make a contribution, and you get in on the action. The history of pet grooming, unfolding before your eyes, is yours at this moment. We want you to take ownership of it and to join us in our efforts to change it forever.

While you’re at it, let all your friends and family know about HICC Groom! too. Make sure they are aware what our pet grooming gloves are so that they can try them out for themselves.

Thank you for all your time and support!

Media Contact
Company Name: Hicclife Inc
Contact Person: XU Ziqiao
Email: Send Email
Phone: +86-18607554126
Country: United States
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/petgroominggloves/relaunch-hicc-groomtm-safe-powerful-pet-grooming-gloves?ref=r1c0iu

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