Premium Proxies from IPBurger Give a Leg Up To Businesses

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Premium Proxies from IPBurger Give a Leg Up To Businesses

April 12
19:34 2021
A short interview with Sagar Chandarana, the CTO and co-founder of

IPBurger, one of the world’s largest providers of proxy services has earned a formidable global reputation, on account of their ability to provide businesses with an easy-to-use proxy management platform. They provide the best-in-class proxy services, including: Rotating Residential Proxies, Dedicated Proxies, and a propriety service called ‘Fresh Proxies.’

With a primary focus on providing the highest quality proxies to their end users, IPBurger has remained an industry leader ever since they launched in 2007. They are renowned for their award-winning apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. Since their founding, IPBurger has built one of the largest Residential Proxy Networks, with 75 million + Residential IPs spanning 195 + countries.

At its core, IPBurger empowers entrepreneurs who aren’t tech-savvy to leverage advanced anonymity tools to scrape data, manage accounts, protect privacy, and encrypt internet traffic, all via one easy-to-use dashboard. Every IPBurger account has dozens of proxy configurations tailor-made to serve a business’s needs. IPBurger has helped over 25,000 small businesses overcome restrictions and further their mission as an advocate for global internet privacy and digital rights.

Here’s what Sagar Chandarana, the CTO and co-founder of IPBurger had to say about how IPBurger is helping businesses with their premium proxy and VPN offerings:

Q1 – Where will the bulk of the growth in the proxy industry be coming from going forward?

A – Enterprise level scraping are currently the biggest consumers and might as well be for the future, but there is tremendous growth coming from regular people preferring to hide their IPs, or choose an IP from a different country, via proxies.

Q2 – Are Proxies and VPNs really as secure as they are made out to be? What makes IPBurger different?

A – There are three main things VPN and Proxies provide as their security layers.

1. An IP Address,
2. VPN and Proxy Encryption Technology
3. The company, their logging and privacy policies, and whether or not they actually follow these policies.

Most VPN companies claim they take care of all 3, and for the most part, they do with the first two. The third is the gray area where most companies fail. We have seen database hacks, log leaks, traffic sharing scandals in the news from other major providers. You have to be able to trust the people behind these services, with ALL of your internet traffic. IPBurger started with the purpose of helping small business owners protect their data and online activity – and we are still completely dedicated to this mission.

Q3 – How does IPBurger Empower Entrepreneurs and Businesses?

A – By providing Internet Freedom, which is to say, giving them IP Addresses that open up doors to websites and services previously unavailable, we enable entrepreneurs and businesses to engage with the Internet without any restrictions. Anyone from any country can learn, buy, sell, innovate, make and spend money, communicate however they want, with their privacy guaranteed, without implying any restrictions based on countries and their borders.

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