Enjoy a Cutting Edge experience in Los Cabos with Eugene Toriko’s Cleantech Eco-friendly Transportation

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Enjoy a Cutting Edge experience in Los Cabos with Eugene Toriko’s Cleantech Eco-friendly Transportation

June 08
04:09 2021
Eugene Toriko offers exclusive ECO-V airport transportation that provides a sustainable and luxury travel experience with a minimum carbon footprint!

ATLANTA, GA – At some point in their lives, many people have planned luxury travel for their dream destinations or take a hiatus from their hectic routine. But as many perks as luxury travel offers, it often comes at the cost of environment and sustainability. But now, with Eugene Toriko’s cleantech and eco-friendly transportation option in Los Cabos, there is no need to worry about it. Eugene Toriko takes immense delight in offering exclusive ECO-V airport transfer vehicles that reduce the carbon footprint for a more sustainable future. Now, be it for an official business trip or planning the perfect summer travel, sustainable luxury transportation in Los Cabos has become easy like never before. 

One of the main issues about traditional transport is its high carbon emission that poses a great threat to the ecosystem. Though hybrid and electric vehicles prove to be arguably better than gas vehicles, there is still a lack of awareness. What matters the most here is the energy used for either transportation or electricity generation, which profoundly impacts the environment and quality of life.  Currently, more than two-thirds of carbon emission is by the energy sector. Many electric vehicle manufacturers, such as Tesla, are considered the perfect solution for sustainable transport. These EVs are powered by electricity generated from renewable sources.  

Eugene Toriko keeps sustainability and innovation at the core of its mission. The Company has partnered with one of the leading Destination Management Companies in Mexico and the Caribbean, allowing them to offer the Tesla Model X for luxury airport transfers. People now have the option of sustainable and innovative transportation without compromising their comfort level. This exclusive Model X electric SUV by Tesla is one of a kind and offers ultimate comfort and style for the airport transfer experience while functioning at its optimal level. What’s also impressive about this model is that it’s fully electric and sports “Falcon Wing’ doors, offering both a pleasant experience and easy access to the passenger seating.  

Eugene Toriko is set on a mission to design travel with an impact. The agency provides people an ultimate comfort in travel while supporting sustainable and cleant transportation for a better future. Using electric vehicles in a tourist destination combined with local ventures that provide social, economic, and environmental benefits can profoundly improve the quality of life and lead to a healthy ecosystem. After all, what’s better than a fusion of high-tech with sustainability to promote nature-based tourism? Technology combined with sustainable tourism makes unforgettable vacation experiences and contributes to a clean planet, and that’s what Eugene Toriko aims to do with its newly launched service in Los Cabos.  

About the Company:  

Eugene Toriko strives to create a sustainable transportation option in Los Cabos, with ECO-V airport transfers, a new addition to its transportation portfolio. Started in May 2021, this transportation option allows clients to enjoy the most luxurious, sustainable, and eco-friendly travel experience while combating high environmental impact and social causes.   

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