Australian listed company EZZ releases its first stem cell hair growth essence

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Australian listed company EZZ releases its first stem cell hair growth essence

September 20
09:31 2022

Recently, the reporter learned that EZZ, a life science company listed on the ASX, has developed its first stem cell hair growth essence by extracting stem cells from eucalyptus, a local Australian flora.

It is reported that research into stem cells and its application for cosmetic use has become a hot topic. Australia is one of the countries with the most mature application of stem cell technology in the world, and EZZ has been involved in this field from a very early stage. After years of research, EZZ experts found that cultivated eucalyptus stem cells can help reoxygenate hair follicles and encourage hair growth. On the basis of this research, EZZ researchers pioneered stem cell hair growth technology to activate hair follicle growth factors.

The EZZ Hair Growth Spray is also recognized by industry research experts for its unique anti-hair loss formula. In order to provide nutrition for hair growth, the EZZ Hair Growth Spray has developed a unique formula of arginine, glycine, lysine HCL and soybean amino acids, which can promote the production of collagen necessary for hair growth, inhibit enzymes that cause hair loss and protect the scalp from hair loss. In addition, the formula also incorporates oligopeptide, which along with eucalyptus stem cell extract, can reach the scalp, fill the hollow hair core, promote the repair of damaged hair roots, build a natural lipid layer in the hair, and rebuild the protective film of the hair strands.

This product promotes hair growth, anti-hair loss as well as strengthening hair fibres. It is said that the EZZ Hair Growth Spray has added Kakadu plum and Davidson plum extracts, known as the “king of vitamin C”, to restore cellular vitality and prevent free radical damage. It will also help repair the damage caused by dyeing and perming hair.

As a hair spray designed to be used daily, EZZ invited Australian master perfumers to develop a high-end salon level fragrance for this product: the top note is fresh lemongrass, the middle notes are lavender and violet, and the overall base notes are fragrant and sweet sea salt, driftwood, amber and fir conifer fragrance, resulting in a hair spray that smells fresh and intimate without being overpowering.

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