Scripx Pharmacy Launches $1.07 Million Pre-Seed Round on Equity Crowdfunding Platform Republic for expansion and growth.

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Scripx Pharmacy Launches $1.07 Million Pre-Seed Round on Equity Crowdfunding Platform Republic for expansion and growth.

September 21
17:30 2022
Scripx Pharmacy Launches $1.07 Million Pre-Seed Round on Equity Crowdfunding Platform Republic for expansion and growth.
Scripx Pharmacy is Redefining Healthcare by Providing On-Demand Prescription Delivery and Telehealth Services

Scripx Pharmacy, a full-service digital pharmacy specializing in prescription delivery announced today, the launch of a $1.07 Million pre-seed round of equity crowdfunding on Republic’s platform; a reputed private investing platform for startups, gaming, real estate, and cyrpto.  Republic has raised money for, or invested in, top companies such SpaceX, Robinhood, and Carta. 

Founded in Dallas, Texas, Scripx has had a solid track record of growth over the previous two years and now has decided to raise capital to bolster their efforts towards further success.   With two operational locations, Scripx’s current ARR has grown to just over $3.2 million (a 200% increase over 2021).  Upon a 100% successful pre-seed raise ending on December 31, 2022, Scripx’s total lifetime funding will be $1.52 million dollars. 

Aiming further lateral and vertical expansion, Scripx is now offering investors an opportunity to get in on the ground level of the $480 billion pharmacy market.  As Scripx serves everyday people, every day; they are excited to allow these very people the opportunity to invest in their future with a minimum investment of $100 (accredited and non-accredited investors).  Per the raised capital, Scripx intends to use the funds for increased sales, acquisitions, and innovative technology improvements. 

Over the past 12 months, the company has secured multiple specialty medication contracts, national telemedicine partnerships and delivered more than 65,000 prescriptions to more than 14,000 customers. It also partnered with a renown national Telemedicine platform, targeting the $61 billion global telehealth market and select specialties such as the HIV, PrEP market, Men’s Health, and Women’s Health.  It’s very important that Scripx continues strategic growth in areas that will be geared towards patient advocacy, access, and cost-conscious decisions.   

“In addition to the COVID pandemic, the entire healthcare industry is evolving due to advancing technologies and the pressures to deliver more with less. As companies such as Scripx continue striving to provide increased access to affordable medicine and care; they do so with a patient-centric focus. This means appealing to the patients’ experience in terms of safety, accuracy, speed, reliability, and quality.” Founder & CEO, Jon R. Eaton

There’s been a clear shift in the way pharmacy is now being administered and provided as seen first-hand with the announcement of major retailers shuttering stores across the nation.   Not only is this a shift away from traditional Brick-n-Mortar commerce, but highlights the additional challenges patients face; inflation, supply chain issues and even pricing everyday commodities such as gasoline.   “People are now purchasing with their pocketbooks and searching for value adds.   As a healthcare provider it’s imperative that we adapt to these changes and continue pursing various efficiencies to accommodate their needs” – Jon Eaton 

The crowdfunding campaign launched by Scripx on the Republic platform is aimed at raising funds to expand across other states, launch new medication verticals, and accelerate the technology roadmap for its proprietary middleware predictable inventory management software.

About Scripx Pharmacy and Health 

Scripx is an on-demand digital pharmacy geared towards changing how pharmacy services are delivered, managed, and administered. As a patient-centric pharmacy, Scripx is redefining healthcare by providing a means for patients to receive prescriptions and consultations in just a few hours without leaving their homes. 

Scripx uses integrated network of various software’s and proprietary middleware’s to streamline and triage the entire backend prescription filling and delivery process.  In conjunction with this robust backend, Scripx has a patient facing mobile app and delivery tracking software to create a user friendly experience.  

DISCLAIMER: Republic (OpenDeal Portal LLC, CRD #283874) is hosting these Reg CF securities offered by Scripx, Inc. View the official SEC filing and all updates here: or by clicking here.  

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