B. WEISS Personal Care Launches Innovative Water Flossers to Encourage Oral Healthcare

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B. WEISS Personal Care Launches Innovative Water Flossers to Encourage Oral Healthcare

September 22
18:51 2022
B. WEISS Water Flossers are designed to improve oral hygiene and keep teeth healthy without the inconvenience of traditional floss.

B. WEISS Personal Care, an innovative manufacturer of various personal care products, is making strides in improving dental health with its collection of Professional Water Flossers. These products are thoughtfully designed to efficiently support oral care at home, ensuring healthy gums and teeth for every user.

On the whole, 9 out of 10 dentists recommend using a water flosser to maintain dental health. Compared to traditional string floss, water flossers are easier and more convenient to use which makes it an effective tool in removing plaques. They are much less hands-on, so they’re ideal for individuals with limited mobility in their hands and fingers. Users with dental prosthetics also do not need to worry about damaging their braces since water flossers are specialized to clean tight, complicated spaces such as around brackets and wires.

With B. WEISS Professional Water Flossers, users can easily reach and clean the deepest parts of their mouth, removing the plaque in between teeth and below the gum line. The removal of plaque is essential in preventing the build-up of tartar and the occurrence of cavities, gingivitis, tooth loss, bad breath, and other related problems. According to the company, their professional water flossers can clean and remove 99.9% of plaque and food stuck on the teeth. They offer a deep cleaning action for fresher breath and whiter teeth. Since the flossers are gentle on the gums, they also reduce the instances of bleeding while flossing.

Together with regular toothbrushing, flossing is essential in preventing dental problems down the line. It saves people from spending money on costly dental treatments and keeps their smiles brighter than ever.

The team at B. WEISS has put a lot of effort into making its water flossers as user-friendly as possible. They are lightweight, portable, and hold enough water for uninterrupted flossing. The flossers have a sleek cordless design for a secure grip and a water-resistant build, so it’s safe to use in the shower.

The product feature four flossing modes – Sensitive, Low, Medium, High – to meet different gum conditions and flossing needs. It comes with two jet tips, two orthodontic tips, and a USB charger. The flosser has a powerful battery capacity that lasts up to 30 days.

All B. WEISS Professional Water Flossers have passed the CE, ROHS, and FDA certifications. They have a One-Year Warranty and dedicated customer support to address any concerns.

Learn more about B. WEISS and its product offerings here: https://bweisshealth.com/.

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