Recently Crowned International Mrs. USA Calls for Expanding Beauty Standards And Redefining Beauty

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Recently Crowned International Mrs. USA Calls for Expanding Beauty Standards And Redefining Beauty

October 05
17:57 2022
Whitley Nabintu Marshall, an award-winning artist, activist, entrepreneur, and recently crowned International Mrs. USA, strives to expand beauty standards and effectively redefine beauty. She regularly holds “true beauty photoshoots” that highlight beauty that goes beyond the physical: compassion, strength, diversity, uniqueness, authenticity, and inclusion of all types.

As International Mrs. USA, Whitley Nabintu Marshall is all set to redefine beauty for people around the world. She is an award-winning artist who strives to spread body positivity and inclusivity of all types. As owner and Editor in Chief of Artlovelifestyle Magazine, also Co-director of the Barefoot Truth Dance Company, she holds regular “true beauty photoshoots,” to shift societal beauty standards and increase awareness for holistic health. Mrs. Marshall lived in Burundi, served on Maine Green Independent Party Steering Committee, and danced for years with a Rwandan Cultural Troupe, “Ikirenga cy’Intore.” 

With Artlovelifestyle Magazine, launched last October, Mrs. Marshall combines her passion for expanding beauty standards, spreading body positivity, and bridging communities through art and cultural exchange. What led Whitley Marshall to come up with this idea is indeed inspiring! Before she turned 21, she experienced multiple near-death experiences, two full-body recoveries, food insecurity, and a brief period of homelessness. These events shaped who she is today, sparked passions, changed her viewpoint towards life, and led her to a purpose-driven life.

She has experienced firsthand the amazing therapeutic benefits of proper nutrition and exercise, as well as the value of creating healthy habits that last.  She has worn both sizes 2 through 18 in her adult life. Her main life lesson was to retain compassion and love for the body, no matter the size, at both these heaviest and lowest breaking points. This changed her perspective from looking a certain way to treating oneself in a way that promotes overall health and wellness. This holistic outlook towards body, mind, and health led her to coach others as a Certified Personal Trainer. 

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As she speaks of her motive in life and the inspiration behind the endeavor, Whitley Nabintu Marshall says, “I have a distinct perspective with a variety of cultural and creative influences. I have lived and traveled across the US as well as abroad in East Africa. Together with Patrick Kiruhura, whom I met in Rwanda, we co-founded World Roots Culture Exchange and created the Compassionate Leadership Project. Our goal is to establish a global network of leaders who are actively fostering a culture of compassion through storytelling, cultural arts, volunteerism, and leadership training.”

Her magazine has been a great source to spread optimism in life. Her target audience includes artists, models, and pageant fans across the globe, as she has been hailed with numerous awards. She has been named one of Model Society Magazine’s Top 22 Models of 2022, a VIP Model for Supermodels Unlimited Magazine, NYC Journal’s “Top 30 Women Leaders to Watch in 2022”, etc. in addition to being the owner and Editor in Chief of Artlovelifestyle Magazine and the co-director of the Barefoot Truth Dance Company. Whitley hopes to raise the bar on beauty standards by hosting message-based photoshoots and cover contests focused on compassion, strength, resilience, diversity, and authenticity. She welcomes all shapes, sizes, shades, genders, ages, and backgrounds to participate in these events.

Every seasonal issue of the Magazine has a subject that emphasizes the qualities of true beauty: compassion, diversity, strength, resilience, and authenticity. It also welcomes and features people of all ages, genders, sizes, and skin tones. She was able to feed about 6600 Mainers thanks to the first-ever Flowers that Feed Art and Fashion Showcase she co-produced with friend, Misty Coolidge, Mrs. Worldwide. The next show she will produce is Artlovelifestyle Magazine’s first annual True Beauty Awards. 


Whitley Nabintu Marshall is the newly crowned International Mrs. USA striving to spread the message of inclusivity, body positivity, and Compassionate Leadership. Through coaching, workshops, and leadership, she encourages people to embrace their unique beauty and work towards being the best versions of themselves, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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