Author Cheryl Waiters brings instructive yet inspiring book, “Blood, Sweat, and High Heels: A Memoir,” which challenges people’s conceptions of gender and success

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Author Cheryl Waiters brings instructive yet inspiring book, “Blood, Sweat, and High Heels: A Memoir,” which challenges people’s conceptions of gender and success

October 05
18:49 2022
“Blood, Sweat and High Heels” is a memoir by Cheryl Waiters, the first internationally renowned female African American construction worker. Waiters had more rough patches in life —with her life on the line often. Waiters has served as an inspiration for women to deconstruct traditional gender roles.

Author Cheryl Waiter’s highly rated book, “Blood, Sweat and High Heels, A Memoir,” which offers a strong history of racism in the United States as well as the roots of gender prejudice that Cheryl has so successfully overcome, is now available in leading digital stores globally. 

“Blood, Sweat and High Heels, A Memoir” serves as a book that is entertaining and instructive while at the same inspirational for change in the status of gender and racial perception. 

Cheryl Waiters has been a professional electrician for more than two decades. She topped out as a journeyman and held the distinction of working on several most important landmarks in the United States.  

Grady Harp, a reader, said the significance of Cheryl’s ‘participation’ in the construction of sites is the product of this extraordinary woman’s influence and impact on correcting the status of women’s rights, racism, and becoming active in non-traditional work, previously considered ‘men’s work.’ 

“Her impressive writing style gives luster to her memoir of how she fought to overcome the worldview of women in construction jobs. She explains her journey well – ‘Being born is like coming into the middle of a movie. You have to find out what happened before you arrived and catch up to where you are now.’ Using that metaphor, Cheryl offers one of the strongest histories of changing the international view of women’s role: her achievements are monumental – a Black woman honored for her contributions to the construction of major projects, working side by side with men while enduring all the physical difficulties, prejudices, and other challenges to win acceptance, approval, and honor,” wrote Grady. 

Falon Charles-Jabri, another reader, described “Blood, Sweat and High Heels” as a revealing memoir that tells Waiters’ trajectory and her story from preconception providing background on her lineage. 

“Her Uncle Willie was instrumental in developing Waiters’ curiosity and desire to learn the electrical trade, and at the tender age of six, she was performing tasks that were way out of her league. Amidst not having a steady and solid role model in the home and exposed to domestic violence and instability, Waiters emulated the philosophies of heroes such as Mohammed Ali and Dr. Martin Luther King,” wrote Falon.

Those who want to grab a copy of “Blood, Sweat and High Heels: A Memoir” may purchase it on Amazon and Book Depository

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