The Metaverse Is Here, And OneMeta AI Is Already Changing Its Landscape ($ONEI)

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The Metaverse Is Here, And OneMeta AI Is Already Changing Its Landscape ($ONEI)

October 24
06:22 2022
The Metaverse Is Here, And OneMeta AI Is Already Changing Its Landscape ($ONEI)

Many have heard the word “Metaverse.” Still, most have absolutely no clue what it is or means. A word of advice- learn about it. Why? Because it will change how people live, interact, and do business. And one emerging Metaverse sector company, in particular, is helping lead the transformation. That company is publicly-traded OneMeta AI (OTC Pink: ONEI). By the way, don’t be misled by ONEI’s smallcap price; they are doing some big things, which, at the rate they’re going, could position them ideally to capture a significant share of an expected $5 trillion metaverse market by 2030.

In other words, the time for investment consideration in companies like ONEI is ripe. And for those seeking investment opportunities beyond the sector behemoths like Facebook turned Meta (NASDAQ: META), ONEI proves that ground-floor opportunities still exist. Better yet, for those considering, at roughly $0.65 a share, OneMeta stock is on sale, despite being better positioned now than when they traded over 200% higher. In fact, after making significant progress on the operational front and having a robust infrastructure to build from, the value proposition presented by ONEI and its shares is attractive. 

Thus, the adage “weak markets expose opportunities” has never been more true. And in the right sector at the right time, and with innovative AI-empowered products already developed, ONEI is an emerging industry player that could do more than provide life-changing technology for users; it may deliver financial windfalls for investors. 

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Communicating In The Metaverse 

Indeed, investments have inherent risks. And ONEI, in that respect, is no different. But what is different is knowing that investing early into good companies, especially those in industries and sectors in their infancy, can deliver potentially exponential investment returns. Of course, quality matters, and investment should be saved for those companies that have, are executing a plan, and have technology that can help change an industry landscape instead of just contributing to it. That’s where ONEI can shine.

And they are already starting to with a portfolio of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies that solve everyday problems using the power of AI. ONEI takes it a step further, designing technology to elevate the human condition and enhance economies. Both are excellent priorities. More importantly, its ambitions are being replaced with tangible products intending to change how people live and communicate. For its investors, that transition can create and sustain shareholder value. 

That ONEI mission is well underway. OneMeta AI has already launched its first product, Verbum, a platform enabling fluent and effective communication among individuals that don’t speak a similar language. But the most important thing- don’t think of Verbum as a simple language-translation tool. It’s much more extensive than that. In fact, as a web-based tool, Verbum provides a meeting platform that allows people to communicate in real time without sharing a common language, eliminating the need for one, ten, or hundreds of translators in the process.

More simply stated, it facilitates multilingual conversations, with each party talking in their native language and receiving every detail of the discussion in their own language in real-time. Even better, Verbum provides closed captioning, also in real-time, for over 82 languages and is already recognized as a tool that can revolutionize how corporations, multiplayer gamers, universities, and markets interact and communicate. Thus, it’s far more than an Alphabet, Inc.(NASDAQ: GOOGL) translator. Verbum is in another realm of communication ability. 

Patented AI-Empowered Apps Enhance Human Potential 

Other patented software apps are earning interest, too. Arcadia is one that immediately recognizes in-game speech, transcribes it, and then translates it into a teammates’ preferred language and simultaneously displaying it as live captions on their screens.And Academia is another, an innovative software enabling teaching remote interpretation, a sector where careers have increased significantly since 2020. ONEI software enables professors to teach remote interpretation and evaluate students’ performance in a private setting. Each can be substantial revenue drivers by targeting enormous market opportunities with unique, innovative, and best-in-industry abilities. 

Still, the products mentioned are only a small piece of ONEI’s broader vision. Others are being developed to help organizations worldwide achieve their full potential through real-time solutions that enhance human potential. More specifically, they help solve real-life problems associated with behavioral analytics, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and complex decision-making. Even with those applications added, it still represents just a tiny part of OneMeta AI’s intent to improve the world. 

But even that “tiny” part is attracting industry attention. In August, ONEI announced being accepted into the Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) for Startups Founders Hub, a group and platform focused on unlocking innovation by eliminating traditional barriers founders face when getting started. The group primarily helps founders expedite development with free access to GitHub and the Microsoft Cloud and provides access to mentorship and guidance by connecting founders to industry veterans who can offer measurable advice to small companies wanting to grow bigger. That inclusion gives ONEI the ear and access to the intellect and talent of some of the brightest global business minds. 

Having that support matters. And by leveraging that opportunity and maximizing mentor-like relationships, ONEI could shift from a fast-growing company into one in hypergrowth. 

Hypergrowth Is A Result Of Meeting Demand

That hypergrowth could then shift into warp speed. And that’s not an overly ambitious statement. Remember, people, organizations, industries, and businesses need what ONEI creates and sells. As a result, sales vision and market share are growing. Better yet, for the company and its investors, both are expected to continue as OneMeta AI expands its product offerings to provide unparalleled opportunities for companies to use AI to gain competitive advantage in academia, medicine, Metaverse, gaming, and business conferencing. That’s still naming just a few targeted sectors. But even just those combine to expose a massive revenue-generating opportunity.

The totality of what’s in play, just the known opportunities, mind you, targets a global AI metaverse market opportunity expected to eclipse $758.6 Billion by 2026, fueled by a 37% CAGR tailwind. A report from Global Artificial Intelligence Market Report seconds that opinion, modeling for other addressable market segments to grow by 34.86% CAGR as AI technologies continue to penetrate the markets and earn quickening adoption. Both models put the trillion-dollar market level in the crosshairs. But a report from global consulting firm McKinsey is more bullish. They expect the Metaverse opportunity to be worth $5 trillion by 2030. 

Indeed, for OneMeta, those expectations set the stage for tremendous growth. And because OneMeta AI’s product innovation team and go-to-market experience are agile and effective, meeting lofty expectations is more than an objective; it’s likely. Moreover, with the amount of data needed to help facilitate best-practices decisions growing at an exponential rate, and from companies needing AI to survive in a new generation of global commerce, that growth can come much sooner than later. 

A Metaverse Opportunity Out Of This World

Thus, don’t consider “Metaverse” as just another buzzword. The sector is real, the innovation can be life-changing, and the opportunities to take advantage of ground-floor investment are certainly in play. Remember, the Metaverse isn’t just a playground for the technologically savvy. It’s expected to be the future of the internet, involving the convergence of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and physical worlds in a shared digital space. Factor in its potential to help manage NFTs and online events markets, and there won’t be many places if any, that the Metaverse won’t touch. 

So, believe it. The transition to Metaverse is more than imminent; it’s at a stage where its benefits will be seamlessly integrated to explore and exploit the potential of creating a parallel virtual world, where limitations are few, and access to the once unexpected will be made possible. But keep this in mind. Not every company targeting the opportunity will have the ability or resources to benefit. So, be choosy on investments. 

In fact, be focused on those companies proving their worth and justifying their value. OneMeta AI checks those boxes and, better yet, may check several more on its journey to becoming an industry leader. All tolled, those checks make OneMeta AI more than an impressive sector company; they justify them as a timely and compelling investment consideration.


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