WagyuWeTrust is bringing high-quality Wholesale-priced meat to global customers

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WagyuWeTrust is bringing high-quality Wholesale-priced meat to global customers

October 25
01:24 2022
WagyuWeTrust is bringing high-quality Wholesale-priced meat to global customers
WagyuWeTrust is a global supplier of Japanese Wagyu beef.

WagyuWeTrust is a European company that offers the finest marble cuts of Japanese Wagyu cattle. It has one mission – to increase access to Wagyu for every Tom, Dick, and Harry, not to mention, Mary, Jane, and Sally. At the core of our vision is to be the most trusted source for premium Wagyu beef online. One of the most outstanding elements of the Japanese Wagyu steaks business is their Wagyu We Trust Wholesale.

Taking great pride in providing the best Wagyu beef at wholesale costs, their hand-selected Wagyu beef is known for its quality and flavour, originating from only the best ranches in Japan, Australia, and Europe. Wagyu We Trust finds you wherever you are, whether you run a restaurant, cater, or just enjoy the pleasures of a home-cooked meal, they are confident that you will recognise the difference that their Wagyu beef creates.

It’s not just about gobbling down some meat, WagyuWeTrust wants to keep you healthy, and that is why, Wagyu beef is delicious and packed with nutrients, making it simple to eat well every day. The company offers 100% grass-fed, GMO-free Wagyu beef that is reared without the use of hormones or antibiotics. They responsibly source their beef from small Japanese family farms that uphold the company’s commitment to sustainable agriculture. Customers may enjoy the flavour of real food with WagyuWeTrust while also knowing that their health is being looked after.

What distinguishes Wagyu We Trust Wholesale from others?

For starters, they collaborate with some of the best grocers, butcher shops, and restaurants. Applying strict standards and ongoing consumer feedback keeps their devoted wholesale clients coming back.

Additionally, their specially cut steaks are the ideal answer to your requirements! Aside from all the variety they offer, they offer assistance in selecting the ideal steak for your requirements from a range of different cuts, including ribeye, sliced cuts, sirloins, and tenderloin. One can hardly not find what they are looking for, because they have everything. Whether it’s a traditional sliced steak or something a little more novel, they have got what you are searching for, indeed.

Moreover, meat selection in their store is done under very tight guidelines. Only genuine A5 Wagyu imported directly from Japan comes from carefully vetted farms. Japanese officials meticulously grade each piece of beef, allowing them to guarantee that they are giving consumers the best possible product. It leaves no room for doubt because they ensure that its beef is always of the greatest calibre due to its uncompromising quality control procedures.

Confidence in providing excellent service and maintaining a high standard for its meats, Wagy We Trust offers the lowest price per kilogramme of Wagyu beef available on the entire European market, powered by free DHL Express shipment to any location in Europe.

And by the way, with very affordable prices and a shipping service that covers all 50 states in the US, it also serves the US market.

More than thirty nations around the world are covered by the WagyuWeTrust distribution network. The fact that the business consistently produces high-quality goods and has never experienced issues with its meat being recalled or posing a health risk to its customers only contributes to boosting the trust those customers have in the company. The WagyuWeTrust delivers beef that is of the utmost quality and complies with health regulations.

All of their products are vacuum-sealed. The firm’s affiliation with renowned shipping corporation DHL guarantees a dispatch that is kept at a specific temperature for up to 72 hours.

Giving some advice to the customers, a spokesperson from the company said, “ Our meat can be safely stored for ten days when stored in a fridge. Please contact us before purchasing if you want to receive our frozen products. Meat should not be kept frozen for longer than two months.” 

“We believe that when you put good food in your body, you feel good all over. We are always here to help you find that perfect cut of meat,” he added.

In addition to delivering the best meat products to customers, they also educate them to become knowledge-driven consumers.

Visit https://wagyuwetrust.com for a memorable dining experience with the flavour, nutrient profile, and softness of Japanese Wagyu beef.

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