Methods and functions of common troubleshooting of water pumps

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Methods and functions of common troubleshooting of water pumps

October 25
11:36 2022

1. Wear of the shaft sleeve with the pump shaft

The pump bearing of some engines is copper sleeve, after long-term use, due to friction and wear to increase the gap, resulting in the impeller and shaft shaking, the light affects the pump water, the heavy will cause the pump casing and impeller bruising, and even break the impeller. Sometimes also due to the water seal compression nut is too tight to cause the pump shaft overheating and bite with the copper sleeve. At present, most of the pump bearings are rolling bearings, which often occur in the use of bearing inner ring and journal loosening or roller and raceway wear.When the water pump shaft and sleeve wear, available plating or vibration welding method to restore the shaft to the standard size, while replacing the new standard sleeve; can also replace the new sleeve and ream the bore according to the size of the shaft, so that the worn shaft and the new sleeve to achieve the standard fit clearance. When reaming, the front and rear bushings should be reamed at once to ensure the coaxiality of the two bushings.

2. Pump body seat hole and sleeve with loose

If the pump body seat hole and sleeve or rolling bearing with loose, according to the wear parts of different models plating bearing outer ring to restore its standard fit, or shell seat hole for clanging, reaming, eliminate its wear traces, and according to the reaming of the aperture with increased outer diameter size of the bush to restore its standard fit. If the pump body seat hole wear is serious, can also be set as appropriate to repair.

3. Water pump leakage

Water leakage from the pump is mostly from the overflow hole and the impeller chamber shell joint. Water pump leakage indicates a fault, for the water pump with packing asbestos rope for sealing water, produce water leakage may be packing and journal wear caused by; for the water pump with rubber seal ring and other water sealing, is due to the cloth rubber seal ring and seat wear and tear and rubber seal rupture, or water seal compression spring broken, elasticity is not enough, etc. leakage.The aging and deformation of water seal that causes water leakage should be replaced. The new rubber water seal should be checked carefully, if there are small holes or rupture, it cannot be used. If the water seal seat cavity is broken, it can be replaced or bonded partially. Water seal spring should be replaced if its elasticity is weakened or corroded seriously. There is no self-tightening water seal in diesel engine water pump, but there is a big nut on the pump shaft with water-resisting packing inside.


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