There Are Many Uses For PVC Extrusions

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There Are Many Uses For PVC Extrusions

October 26
22:33 2022
There Are Many Uses For PVC Extrusions

One of the most common methods of forming plastics into usable products is extrusion molding.This process involves melting the plastic resin and then pushing it through a mold to form a continuous shape. PVC, or vinyl, is one of the most commonly extruded plastics, and many industries and commercial sectors rely on this versatile material. The following are some of the top uses for PVC extrusions in California.

In Residential And Commercial Construction

Companies like California Industrial Rubber Co. supply contractors with many products needed for construction. For example, window and door frames are extruded forms. So are plumbing pipes, rain gutters, cladding, and flooring. One of the most popular choices of siding, according to Forbes, is vinyl siding, a PVC extrusion. In addition, a lot of plastic outdoor furniture is manufactured through the extrusion process. Because plastic is waterproof, it is an excellent material for park benches, beach chairs, and any items that remain outdoors.

In Food Processing

There are many uses for PVC extrusions in the food industry. According to, one of the most common is conveyor belt cleats. Cleats are strips with a narrow vertical profile that lie across the surface of the belt to help contain materials. T cleats and scoop cleats make it possible to transport items like fruits and vegetables up or down a steep incline. The extrusion process also produces plastic strips that seal the doors of refrigerators and cold storage rooms.

In Agriculture

Agriculture is another industry that makes use of PVC products formed through extrusion. In particular, agricultural and horticultural companies need long pipes for irrigation and drainage, troughs for feeding animals, fencing and edging, and trays for seedlings and plants. PVC is valuable in the agricultural industry because it is highly durable and resists corrosion. PVC pipes are suitable for use both above and under the ground with proper care.

In The Automobile Industry

Automobile manufacturers are finding PVC extrusions to be cost-effective alternatives to traditionally manufactured parts. Not only are weatherstrips around doors and windows produced through the extrusion process, but so are many interior parts, like car seat components. Windshield wiper blades are another commonly extruded part. Furthermore, the hoses that transport brake fluid, power steering fluid, and radiator fluid are typically PVC extrusions.

In The Transportation Industry

There are applications for plastic extrusions throughout the transportation industry. Inside buses and railway passenger cars, floor and step treads are examples of PVC extrusions. So are the sheaths that cover power and data cables. Some other examples of PVC extrusions in the transportation industry include luggage racks, wall panels, and trim along with window and door frames. 

The above are only a few of the many uses for PVC extrusions. To learn more, visit

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