Ankur Agarwal, the renowned serial entrepreneurs, reaches 2M followers

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Ankur Agarwal, the renowned serial entrepreneurs, reaches 2M followers

October 27
17:22 2022
Ankur Agarwal, the renowned serial entrepreneurs, reaches 2M followers
Ankur Agarwal, the renowned serial entrepreneurs, reaches 2M followers
what’s a serial entrepreneurs? A question that might hit a lot in minds while going through the title of this article. Well, simply a serial entrepreneur is one who focuses on growing an idea from conception to fruition, then moves on to the next big business idea. Getting into serial world is not an easy task at all.

Success in such a domain means a lot! As for Ankur Agarwal, one the most successful serial entrepreneurs who was able to catch the attention of more than 2 Million followers on his instagram account.

Entrepreneurs are people who start businesses based on new ideas. They forgo the security of a salaried job to take on their own endeavor, assuming all the risk in hopes of great rewards.A serial entrepreneur takes on this challenge repeatedly. Once a particular business is established, they delegate the responsibility of running its operations and move on to other ventures. They may even sell their earlier businesses and reinvest the profits. A successful serial entrepreneur can experience windfall gains when they sell their companies or receive continuous profits once the business is established. On the other hand, if the business fails, it has nothing to show for its years of hard work. When talking about serial entrepreneurs, Ankur Agarwal’s name is a must to be mentioned in such a demanding and sophisticated world. Ankur Agarwal is one of the best and well-known serial entrepreneurs and legendary investors who challenging to be on the top of list of those entrepreneurs who are driving the market forward.

When Ankur Agarwal was asked about serial world, he answered, “Through the years, serial entrepreneurs have been perfecting their skills in building successful ventures. successful serial entrepreneurs are more likely to replicate the success of their past companies. Besides, skills are an important determinant of success for entrepreneurial start-ups. Entrepreneurs who have been successful in previous business are much more likely to succeed in current business than first-time entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who have previously failed.” Ankur operates in different industries such as power generation, real estate, edible oil, defense and many more.

Throughout the years, Ankur was able to gain the trust of many clients, and was able to serve as an aspiration for many others. After the success which he gained through his journey, Ankur now hits 2 Million followers on his Instagram account. Ankur, and after hitting 2 Million followers, said, “Actually I don’t care for numbers. All what I care for is people’s trust and love. This new number of followers pushes me forward, it shows me how people really appreciate my work and that they see how much I deserve it to be their motivation.” And for future plans, Ankur added, “the best is yet to come, I believe I will never let your expectations down, coming days will show you all that I was your right choice. Cheers for more successful days!”

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