S10.AI Inc Introduces the World’s First Robot Virtual Medical Scribe

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S10.AI Inc Introduces the World’s First Robot Virtual Medical Scribe

December 06
21:06 2022
The World’s First Robot Virtual Medical Scribe was created by S10.AI Inc, a startup company. This is a self-contained AI-enabled medical scribe with superior CDI scribing skills that help to reduce the clinical documentation burden.

S10.AI Inc. is a startup that has been in operation since 2022. They are excited to announce their newest development, S10.AI, the World’s First Robot Virtual Medical Scribe.

The S10.AI robot virtual medical scribe is EHR-compatible and provides instant documentation. Electronic health records (EHR) are widely used in hospitals and among office-based physicians.

S10.AI’s robot virtual medical scribe is based on the patent-pending Intelligent Physician Knowledge Orchestrator and requires no human intervention, and has CDI scribing skills that reduce clinical documentation burden.

“S10.AI’s vision is to make electronic health records more usable and to provide excellent value with the S10.AI robot scribe. Our brand values informed decisions, the well-being of our clients, and human dignity. We are dependable, responsive, and enthusiastic about what we do. We are excited to introduce the world’s first virtual medical scribe robot. This will be a game changer for physicians worldwide, ” a representative of S10.AI Inc recently stated.

Robot virtual medical scribes play an essential role in healthcare by documenting the physician-patient encounter instantly. Virtual medical scribes lighten the workload of physicians by working remotely. A telescribe, virtual scribe, or remote medical scribe is another name for a virtual medical scribe. Medical scribes are a vital part of healthcare teams and a solution to this documentation burden.

S10.AI, the world’s most accurate medical robot scribe, provides documentation in minutes without human intervention, with automatic spell checking and punctuation and a 99% accuracy rate. S10.AI not only reduces the cost of scribing but also increases income.

Utilizing and deploying S10.AI is simple. The physician must adhere to these four easy steps.

– Say S10 and start the Patient Encounter.
The S10.AI robot medical scribe will auto-sync with the EHR and be ready to scribe.

– Start Speaking.
As the physician verbalizes the encounter, the AI converts the speech to text and generates electronic health records for the physician to review immediately.

– Say Auto-HER.
The S10 robot medical scribe automatically enters the reviewed electronic health records, which accurately represent a patient’s clinical status with relevant medical codes, into the EHR.

– Review and Sign Off.
The S10 robot medical scribe follows the Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) process for completeness and accuracy of data in the EHR. The doctor only needs to review, sign off, and move on to the next patient.

Implementing the S10 Robot Medical Scribe for a physician takes only 2 hours. Physicians who use S10.AI not only solve their documentation burden and EHR usability issues but also increase their income and spend less on scribing.

To learn more about the World’s First Robot Virtual Medical Scribe, visit https://s10.ai. Additionally, physicians are welcome to make an appointment for a demo using the link: https://s10.ai/contactus.

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