FitMomLife dives deep into optimal gut health through their “test, don’t guess” approach

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FitMomLife dives deep into optimal gut health through their “test, don’t guess” approach

April 01
17:57 2023
The way to health is through the gut, and FitMomLife founders Liz and Becca are committed to helping women get to the root cause of their health concerns.

Despite being a rising star in health trends lately, many people still overlook gut health. The gut plays a vital role in the health and wellness of people, which is why FitMomLife is pleased to offer alternative and holistic life services that help women live healthily.

With so much information floating about the web detailing the dos and don’ts for gut health, it becomes difficult for people to separate the facts from fads. Rather than focus on a ‘eat this, not that’ approach, FitMomLife employs a ‘test, don’t guess’ formula that personalizes holistic health coaching. According to Liz, co-founder of FitMomLife and The Food Code Podcast, a healthy gut means healthy digestion, better sleep, hormone balance, improved immune function, and overall better health and wellness. Bloating, discomfort, constipation and gas are some of the results of an unhealthy gut.

FitMomLife’s restorative wellness and nutritional therapy is centered around helping busy women, making their gut and hormones work ‘for’ their body not against it. So they can live healthy and happily ever after.  The ‘test, don’t guess’ formula addresses the root cause of health concerns rather than treating symptoms.

Built on the belief that the body has a natural ability to heal itself when given the right support and tools, FitMomLife focuses on putting the client at the center of their healing journey. With their combined expertise, Liz and Becca help create personalized wellness plans for clients. These include defining a client’s blueprint, nutritional therapy, gut health support, and hormone optimization. “By following your personalized treatment protocol, or blueprint, you can expect reduced pain levels, an increase in energy, vitality, improved gut function, and more.”

FitMomLife’s approach combines specialized lab testing and extensive clinical experience to create evidence-based lifestyle changes that benefit clients. FitMomLife aims to help clients press the reset button on their health while saving money.

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About Liz and Becca

Liz and Becca, co-founders of FitMomLife, are certified holistic nutrition practitioners, podcasters, lifestyle coaches, and moms. The duo is committed to helping women unlock their health through their Gut and Hormone Balance (GHB) coaching program, in-person events, and online courses.

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