Understanding the Importance of A Good Roof Warranty

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Understanding the Importance of A Good Roof Warranty

May 19
02:07 2023
Understanding the Importance of A Good Roof Warranty

One of the greatest benefits of a good roof warranty is that it gets a manufacturing company involved in the roof installation and any supervision of the project. Experts at O’Donnell Roofing Co. Highlights the importance of a good roof warranty.

First, the manufacturer might offer a review to ensure the roofing system meets the standard qualifications. Many manufacturing companies require that a roofing company submit their intended system to the manufacturer before commencing the roofing work. If no engineering and architectural consultation is involved in the picking of the system, the manufacturer review is important.

Secondly, since the manufacturing company wants to lessen its exposure, it will conduct an inspection of the roofing system to be confident that the roof has been installed as per the instruction before the warranty was given. Again, this is mainly for the manufacturing company’s benefit, but it’s also helpful to have an extra eye on the installation procedure.

Manufacturers have experienced roof installers who are familiar with the technology of installing roofs. If a roof warranty is to be given, the Residential Roofing Contractor will be mandated to install the roofing system. When the manufacturer is selective about who will install the roof, this will help property owners work with a qualified and competent roofer and get a quality installation.

In case the owner wants to sell the house, a transferable warranty will offer the buyer some comfort that the roofing system is still in its design life. However, there is a caution to the buyer. An intact warranty isn’t a substitute for a good due diligence inspection by a qualified roofing engineer or architect.

A roof warranty will cater for the replacement or repairs of the roofing system if there is a problem due to system failure or installation issues. That’s provided one keeps to the terms of the property owner’s responsibilities. Therefore, understanding those responsibilities is essential.

One of these responsibilities is roof maintenance. Many homeowners evaluate a roof warranty depending on its length. Unluckily, the length of a roofing system’s service life does little with the warranty. The service life is how the roofing system is designed, installed, and even maintained. Roofing systems are like three-legged chairs. Cut off one leg, and the chair falls. Roofing manufacturers consider maintenance as one of the legs of the chair and always incorporate a stipulation that a roof must be well maintained regularly for the warranty to be valid. Actually, lack of proper maintenance is among the reasons for the company to deny a roof warranty claim for the roofing issues.

Another important responsibility is that many roof warranties stipulate that the building owner should notify the company in proper writing within 30 days after the leak happens. Failure to do this will void the roof warranty.

Lastly, roof warranties tend to have exclusions where the warranty doesn’t apply. These comprise standing water, wind over gale force, materials not provided by the company, movement of the structure, and blistering.  

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