AF GARB Launches as a Black-Owned and LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Apparel Store

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AF GARB Launches as a Black-Owned and LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Apparel Store

May 23
20:36 2023
AF GARB debuts its bespoke clothing line, empowering individuals to express their unique style while supporting sustainability.

AF GARB, an unorthodox e-commerce apparel store, is pleased to announce its official launch. The brand sets itself apart by offering a bespoke apparel line specializing in versatile clothing, ranging from yoga pants to dresses, with a growing selection of male apparel. AF GARB proudly presents itself as a black-owned business and LGBTQIA+ owned, promoting diversity and inclusivity within the fashion industry.

With a mission to reach fashion enthusiasts from all walks of life, AF GARB intends to develop a collaborative environment where followers and clients can actively participate in shaping the direction of their brand. Leveraging the power of social media, the company encourages its community to share their ideas and inspirations, ensuring that the clothes they wear truly reflect their personal style. This way, AF GRAB creates only the audience’s current needs. Each AF GARB product is made to order, reducing overproduction and waste while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability.

Founder Steven Arnett, a visionary entrepreneur, understands the significance of style as a means of self-expression. “I know what it’s like to use your style to express your creativity, and I want to offer our customers a chance to add a spin on their own personal style,” says Arnett. “Not only do we have items for sale, but we actively seek suggestions and inspiration from customers who are as excited about wearing our fashion as we are about making them,” he added. 

AF GARB emerged several years ago when Arnett aimed to combat homophobia and discrimination through fashion. The “QUEER AF” line was the initial step in this transformative journey, and it has since grown into a diverse range of clothing items. Arnett, who identifies as mixed, black, and gay, believes that fashion can be a powerful tool for amplifying marginalized voices. AF GARB is currently in the startup phase, gaining tremendous support from individuals who appreciate the brand’s vision.

At AF GARB, the online store is a platform that grants customers unprecedented control over production, eliminating the potential for overproduction and waste. As the brand continues to flourish, AF GARB envisions expanding its online presence while establishing a physical space dedicated to further enhancing the collaborative experience. This envisioned brand will further enable people to customize their style, nurturing a community that thrives on individuality and self-expression.

AF GARB invites everyone passionate about fashion and style to embark on this exciting journey together. By supporting this black-owned and LGBTQIA-owned business, fashion enthusiasts can contribute to a movement that celebrates diversity and empowers individuals to embrace their unique identities.

Netizens can visit the AF GARB website to explore the AF GARB collection

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AF GARB is a groundbreaking e-commerce apparel store that embraces inclusivity and creativity. As a black-owned and LGBTQIA+-owned business, AF GARB introduces a bespoke clothing line, offering versatile and made-to-order fashion items that reduce overproduction and waste.

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