Plexins Parses the Difference Between Push Notifications and SMS

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Plexins Parses the Difference Between Push Notifications and SMS

May 27
18:36 2023

Plexins recently published an article investigating the difference between push notifications and text messages. As a leading messaging platform provider, Plexins wants to help businesses understand these two common messaging styles to make more informed choices in their marketing and communications strategies.

Push notifications and SMS are important means for modern enterprises to interact with users and deliver information in real-time. However, many companies may face confusion when choosing, not knowing the difference between them and not knowing when to use which one is more appropriate. Plexins’ article provides the following points to help businesses understand the difference between push notifications and SMS:

Delivery method:  Push notifications are notification messages sent to a user’s device via a mobile app, while SMS messages are sent directly to a user’s phone via a mobile network.

User Experience:  Push notifications appear on the user’s device screen and do not require the user to open the app to view the message actively. Then the text message is directly sent to the user’s text message inbox, requiring the user to open the text message application to check actively.

Message length and format:  Push notifications are usually short in length for concise text and simple icons. SMS messages, on the other hand, can be longer and support rich text, links, and multimedia content.

User Permissions and Subscriptions:  Push notifications require the user to grant permissions in the app and can be sent based on the user’s subscription preferences. SMS requires the user to provide a mobile phone number and subscribe to the SMS service.

Target Audience:  Push notifications are better for real-time interaction with users who have an app installed, while text messaging can reach a wider user base without installing a specific app.

Knowing the difference between push notifications and SMS can help businesses better choose the messaging method that suits their needs. Plexins recommend that enterprises comprehensively consider factors such as target audience, information urgency, and user engagement and make informed decisions based on their own business needs.

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