Chilled Winston Studios: Crafting Compelling Visual Narratives

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Chilled Winston Studios: Crafting Compelling Visual Narratives

November 30
18:07 2023

Chilled Winston Studios, based in Munich, Germany, is a dynamic mobile video production team that has garnered recognition throughout Europe for its exceptional storytelling abilities. With a strong emphasis on versatility and a global perspective, they have successfully undertaken diverse projects that include corporate films, tourism ads, educational showcases, documentaries, and more. Chilled Winston Studios believes in the power of interpersonal and human connections to create impactful narratives that resonate with audiences. More information can be found at

About Chilled Winston Studios

Chilled Winston Studios prides itself on being a dynamic and mobile video production studio headquartered in Munich, Germany. Their client base spans across Europe, reflecting their ability to adapt to different cultures and contexts. Whether it’s creating corporate films in Munich, capturing the beauty of the Dolomites in tourism ads, exploring educational showcases in Rotterdam, or delving into the heart of India and Zimbabwe for documentaries, Chilled Winston Studios showcases its versatility in every project.

Their approach is rooted in understanding and embracing the unique requirements of each project. This commitment ensures that their work reflects the true essence of the message and community it represents. Chilled Winston Studios believes in the importance of storytelling and its profound impact on both audiences and project success.

Crafting Stories That Connect

Chilled Winston Studios believes in the power of storytelling as a means to connect with audiences on a deeper level. Their dedication to creating authentic and compelling narratives sets them apart. They understand that storytelling isn’t just about conveying information; it’s about evoking emotions, sparking conversations, and leaving a lasting impression.

From corporate videos that showcase a company’s values and vision to documentaries that explore complex societal issues, Chilled Winston Studios brings stories to life. They excel at capturing the essence of the subject matter, making it relatable to the intended audience.

Diverse Range of Projects

The portfolio of Chilled Winston Studios is as diverse as it is impressive. Some of their noteworthy projects include:

“From Space to Sea | Towards the Detection of Plastic with Remote Sensing”

This project is a testament to Chilled Winston Studios’ ability to tackle complex scientific topics. They effectively communicated the importance of remote sensing in plastic detection, making it accessible to a wide audience.

“The Sound of Inclusion”

In this project, Chilled Winston Studios explored the theme of inclusion. The video highlights the significance of diversity and inclusion in today’s world, emphasizing the power of sound to unite people.

“Liberal Arts & Sciences at EUC”

Chilled Winston Studios successfully portrayed the essence of liberal arts and sciences education at Erasmus University College (EUC). The video captures the academic environment and the unique aspects of EUC’s educational approach.

“Empty Hand | A Martial Arts Documentary”

This documentary delves into the world of martial arts, capturing the discipline, dedication, and philosophy behind this ancient practice. Chilled Winston Studios brings the martial arts journey to life on screen.

“SILATEC Truck Unveil | A Cybertruck Parody”

This project showcases Chilled Winston Studios’ creative prowess with a parody video. It humorously introduces the SILATEC Truck, demonstrating their ability to inject humor into their work.

“Le Mas du Gros Caillou”

Chilled Winston Studios’ talent extends to capturing the essence of places as well. In this project, they transport viewers to “Le Mas du Gros Caillou,” allowing them to experience the charm and beauty of the location.

“One Drop Talks | Ronald Maduro”

“One Drop Talks” is a project that exemplifies Chilled Winston Studios’ commitment to creating safe spaces for authentic discussions. It captures the essence of individual identities and fosters open conversations.

“Wake Up | A Tribute to the Alps”

This video pays tribute to the breathtaking beauty of the Alps. Chilled Winston Studios’ visual storytelling takes viewers on a journey through this natural wonder.

Client Testimonials

Chilled Winston Studios’ work has garnered praise from clients across various industries:

Ronald Maduro, Global Program & Change Manager,

In my participation in the ‘One Drop Talk’ project by Chilled Winston, I found a welcoming space to freely explore and discuss my authentic self. Unlike previous projects, this one lacked a pre-set script, allowing me to showcase my true personality through thoughtful questions and empathetic guidance from the team. The supportive physical environment during filming added to the sense of safety, and I believe the resulting video will provide a better understanding of who I am, making me proud to share it with the world. Chilled Winston has indeed demonstrated their ability to surpass expectations.

Alex Whitcomb, Project Manager, ErasmusX

Our collaboration with Chilled Winston on creating a promo video for the launch of our Minecraft virtual campus was exceptionally smooth and professional. From the outset, we received rapid feedback and maintained close communication throughout the project. The Chilled Winston team demonstrated remarkable creativity and flexibility, introducing valuable ideas that led to a final product surpassing our initial vision. We extend our gratitude for their outstanding work and thoughtful contributions and eagerly anticipate future collaborations.

Anne Maatman, Project Manager, Air & Space Law Leiden University

I had the pleasure of working with Laurent and Simone from Chilled Winston, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking talented filmmakers. Their understanding of the academic environment, fresh ideas, and portfolio quality were decisive factors in our collaboration, resulting in a beautifully crafted video that perfectly represents our identity and benefits both our team and online community.

Get in Touch with Chilled Winston Studios

Chilled Winston Studios is eager to connect with you and bring your vision to life through their unique visual narratives. 

Visit their website for more information and to explore their impressive portfolio of work.

Chilled Winston Studios is dedicated to creating visual narratives that leave a lasting impact. Whether you have a specific project in mind or are looking for creative ideas to bring your story to life, Chilled Winston Studios is the partner you can trust.

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