Discover the Unique Vision of Watercolor Artist J. Brooke Wade: Skull Art and Beyond

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Discover the Unique Vision of Watercolor Artist J. Brooke Wade: Skull Art and Beyond

June 15
04:09 2024

Watercolor artist J. Brooke Wade uses skull art to delve into themes of death, transformation, and feminine empowerment, with nature serving as a constant source of inspiration for her original pieces.

Hailing from Middle Tennessee, J. Brooke Wade is a full-time artist specializing in watercolor paintings. Her artwork communicates themes of life, death, and transformation. She makes use of vibrant colors and whimsical patterns to bring her imagination to life. Wade especially takes pride in her recently launched skull art series highlighting the rich human experience. 

Exploring Themes of Life And Death 

Wade’s love for art and nature has inspired her to create unique pieces that celebrate life and honor the reality of death. Adding her flair to each piece, her style revolves around exploring complex human emotions through vibrant artwork. Her commissions often feature detailed depictions of animals, flowers, and other natural elements that invigorate workspaces and homes alike. 

Featured Work: “No Strings Attached”

Lately, Wade has been approaching the theme of transformation and empowerment with human or animal skulls as the main feature. One of her notable pieces, “No Strings Attached,” celebrates feminine empowerment. 

This distinctive watercolor painting in Wade’s Skull Art Collection features a blue rabbit with a skull head, set against an ethereal off-white background. The composition highlights themes of transformation and personal power. The transformation of the timid rabbit to a fierce protector, as well as the juxtaposition of the skull, representing both vulnerability and strength, makes it a compelling piece.

Open to Commissions 

J. Brooke Wade offers a variety of commission services perfect for various occasions. Her event artwork commissions are ideal for weddings, corporate events, and private parties, serving as a lasting memento that capturing the essence of the event in a beautiful watercolor format. Additionally, she creates music artwork, including album covers and promotional materials, providing distinctive visuals for music projects. 

Her vibrant watercolor designs are ideal for product labels, packaging boxes, and marketing materials, making any product stand out on shelves and in promotional campaigns. Wade also offers customized pet portraits and tattoo designs as part of her commissioned work, showcasing her versatility and attention to detail.

Ensuring A Smooth Collaboration 

When placing a customized order, clients can expect a consultation alongside a review of drafts before finalization. Being a thorough professional, Wade believes in clear client communication and timely delivery. The artwork is then delivered securely, either shipped or sent digitally, making the process hassle-free. 

Clients can also browse through Wade’s existing artwork which is available to purchase as originals or prints  in various sizes. Best-sellers include her bold skull art paintings.

Embrace the Imagination of J. Brooke Wade

J. Brooke Wade is a Tennessee-based artist, with watercolors as her medium of choice. Her art centers around themes of life and death as well as female empowerment, using rich contrasting colors to bring out the worlds in her vivid imagination. Wade’s artwork can be purchased through her website. Wade is also open to commission requests for personalized pieces, pet portraits, music artwork, etc. For more details, please use the information below to get in touch with J. Brooke Wade.

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Company Name: The Spotted Whimsy
Contact Person: J. Brooke Wade
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Country: United States

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